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  1. Teresa Koncolor

    Dendrobium Blue Seas leaves turning yellow with pitted spots

    I noted this today on several leaves. I repotted the plant several weeks ago. It did fine until today. We had a nice cool spell for a couple of weeks then the weather got hot and humid again. It was in the 70’s and now upper 80’s.
  2. Teresa Koncolor

    Paph. Delrossi repot

    I got this plant from Orchidweb a year ago. It was in pure sphagnum and I repotted it to a mix with bark, perlite, charcoal and some sphagnum at that time. I've grown it outside since April in New Orleans in a lower shelf under 30% shade cloth with other orchids higher up. Before that it was...
  3. Teresa Koncolor

    Greeting as newbie! Question is on repotting newly acquired paphs

    My first is a concolor which came budding so for now all is well. After that I had a shopping spree and bought 6 from orchidweb, all looking great. I eventually want to move them to fast draining basket type pots since I do tend to water a lot. I grow them indoors with 60 to 70 % humidity...