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  1. Roly0217

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    Hello everyone !!! I wanted to share with you all my spicerianum in bloom. I can't take credit for it as I got it in bud a couple of weeks ago. I love to look at how the flower opens and the dorsal curls back. Love this species. By the way I'll try to get some better pictures later.
  2. Roly0217

    NOID beauty !!!

    Hello everyone !!! I just wanted to share with you all one of my blooming Paphs. I was waiting for the dorsal to fully flatten and now that it's done here it is. Enjoy it !!! I sure am enjoying its beauty.
  3. Roly0217

    Paph fairrieanum in bloom

    Hello everyone !!!! I just wanted to share with you all the Paph that I got yesterday at The Ramble at the Gardens. I absolutely love the dorsal and reflexed sepals and the pouch...well all of it :D I hope that the next bloom will yield a bigger flower but I'm happy with what I got.
  4. Roly0217

    Could it be the true primulinum ???

    Hello everyone !!! It was brought up to my attention that I might have gotten a true primulinum from one of my purchases a couple of days ago. If it's true I'll sooo excited but I won't until I get some positive IDs. I read the thread about how wide and long the leaves should be and the small...
  5. Roly0217

    New additions to the family !!!

    Hello everyone !!!! I just wanted to share with you all the new additions to the family. I happen to walk into Home Depot today and they had gotten a new shipment of plants including about 10 cattleyas:drool: and 7 pots with paphs:drool::drool:. Well needless to say I got 2 pots for $24.99 each...
  6. Roly0217

    Looking for seller with big selection of brachypetalums

    Hello everyone !!! I'm looking for a seller with a nice variety of brachys. I had a few but moved them outside and they died on me.:sob::sob: I want to grow them back indoors since they seemed to be doing much better on my windowsill. I currently have malipoense and bellatulum left.:( Looking...
  7. Roly0217

    Ft. Lauderdale Orchid Show 2009. "Orchids by the Sea"

    I went to my first of many show this weekend and even though it's not the biggest show that I'll be going to this year it certainly was memorable. Here are some pictures of it. Enjoy!!!!
  8. Roly0217

    New tolumnias !!!!!!

    Hello everybody !!!! I just wanted to share my 3 new little beauties. I went to Home Depot to get some silicone and this guys had just arrived. Enjoy !!!!!
  9. Roly0217

    Some of the other chids in my collection

    Well since I'm not exclusively into Paphs here go some pictures of the rest of my chids and their growing areas. Enjoy !!!!
  10. Roly0217

    Hello from Miami !!!

    Hello everyone !!!! I recently became a member of this forum but hadn't been able to introduce myself. Paphs are new to me. Got my first one last month and after that the quest for more began. I'm up to 9 right now and they are: -Paph concolor -Paph Gina Short (blooming) -Paph armeniacum...