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  1. Ruth

    A few Orchids that are blooming

    Here's a few of my orchids that are in bloom Masd. Kimballiana Masd. coccinea alba 'Golden Gate' HCC/AOS I got this a couple of years ago when Golden Gate Orchids was shutting down. It bloomed a couple of flowers last year, but this year it has put on quite a show. It has a little problem...
  2. Ruth

    Love this little Drac cordobae

    Didn't take to the show, but I sure think it is cute. It is a little over 1" across, and I had to stand on my head to get the picture. Wish I could grow more.
  3. Ruth

    Masde's and a Lycaste

    Here's my Masd. Highland Monarch. Best of Masdevallia at the Boise Show. It has 12 flowers or buds Masd. Machu Picchu 'Crown Point' AM/AOS Can't get the color right:mad: And finally my Lycaste Athanacia (Kurt Servos 'Lisa x skinneri alba 'Torn elegance')
  4. Ruth

    A couple of paphs

    Took both of these paphs to the Boise show this last weekend. Paph Greenvale The AOS judges took a looked at it(they liked the color, but no award, it was chosen Best of Paphiopedilum My Paph exul, also got a first place
  5. Ruth

    Got my first AOS Award

    My Phrag. Don Wimber is now Phrag. Don Wimber 'Jake and Anni' Got this award (HCC/AOS 77Pts)at our TVOS Show and Sale this last weekend in Boise, ID. This is my first AOS award. My photo is of the 3rd flower that is open. (Yes it has a tooth.) The 2nd flower fell off Monday evening So I...
  6. Ruth

    Lyc macrophylla alba

    Lyc macrophylla alba This little plant has done great. It has had a total of 6 blooms. Flowers are not real big, flower is about 3" wide. First bloom, got it from Ecuagenara. One thing I like about Lycaste, is the old ugly leaves fall off, and new pretty green leaves grow back.
  7. Ruth

    Lc Ann Akagi "Hihimanu"

    Lc Ann Akagi "Hihimanu" (Puppy Love x nobilior) Very fond of this. It blooms every year.
  8. Ruth

    Phrag Alma Winter 'Jordan'

    Phrag Alma Winter 'Jordan'(Dennis Kleinbach(boissierianum x longifolium) x schlimii) First Bloom. Flower petal width not quite 3"
  9. Ruth

    Paph helenae

    Paph helenae x sib ('Flat Dorsal' x 'Yellow Bird') First bloom from Orchid Inn. It has been in bloom for about a month. I should have taken the picture a lot sooner. I didn't think the plant was big enough to bloom. A very miniature plant.
  10. Ruth

    A couple of masde's

    My Masde Highland Monarch And a NoID masde. If anyone knows what this is please let me know. Thanks
  11. Ruth

    Brassia caudata

    Won this plant as a door prize at our meeting in March 2015. It was a sad looking little thing, and I thot it would probably wouldn't make. It proved me wrong. Brassia caudata
  12. Ruth


    I have killed every Miltoniopsis that I have grown. For some reason I picked up three 3 plants in March of 2014. They have bloomed like crazy!!!! I guess I will be looking for some more now. Miltoniopsis Maui Mist 'Golden Gate' 15 blooms or buds Milt Francisa 15 blooms or buds...
  13. Ruth

    Restrepiodes striata

    Restrepiodes striata Cute little thing I again picked up at our show last March. It is always in bloom and cute as a bug. I put a dime in the pot so you could see how small it is.
  14. Ruth

    Lycaste Alma De mi Alma

    Lycaste Alma De mi Alma Big beautiful flower, got bumped when one of the fans in the greenhouse slipped. Good that it has another bud. Flower is about as big as my hand. Got it last March at our show.
  15. Ruth

    Phrag Noirmont

    Here's my Phrag Noirmont. It will eventually be a big plant. The leaf span is almost 4 feet. Sorry, I got the picture a little big.
  16. Ruth

    abax Besseae's

    Here's Angela's besse's I think she posted what they are on another thread. 'Balance' x Curves' and 'Peach Cobbler' x 'Colossal Peach'
  17. Ruth

    TVOS Show and Sale, Boise, ID

    2015 Treasure Valley Orchid Society Show and Sale Please join us for the 33rd Annual Treasure Valley Orchid Society Show and Sale which will be held March 7th and 8th at the Hilton Garden Inn, 7699 Spectrum Street, Boise, ID 83709
  18. Ruth

    Paph. Olympic Spots

    Paph Olympic Spots I wasn't sure where I should post this, as I got this in the last ST auction and I am very pleased with the flower. As you can see it is a complex. When it sent up buds, it decided to make 2 and at first I thot it was great. The sideways flower was the first bud and it open...
  19. Ruth

    Phrag boissierianum

    I have a small boissierianum, and I can't figure out how to grow it. Does it like to keep it's roots in water or does it like the dryer side? Thanks
  20. Ruth

    3 Paphs in Bloom

    Paph Double Deception I have had this paph for 10 years, and this is only the 2nd time it has bloomed. It likes growing under lights Paph Niobe First bloom seedling from Deerwood Orchids. I've had it for about a year and a half. I think it out did it's self. Thanks Ross Paph...