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  1. hardy

    Paph. praestans

    Hello, it's been a long while since I last posted. I'm kicking and well, but my orchid collection is in shambles.. If only I have the courage to post their current state in pictures.. Hm, maybe with some encouragement I might snap a photo or two. Anyways, this morning while tending to my...
  2. hardy

    Sophronitis cernua

  3. hardy

    Broughtonia sanguinea (red and alba)

    Dainty and pretty, and loving the summer heat...
  4. hardy

    My Paph. Hilo Citron at TIOS

    I entered this plant at this year's Taiwan International Orchid Show. Won nothing but glad I entered the plant. Oh, and I propagated the plant after the show so now I have 7 pieces big and small. Cheers. :)
  5. hardy

    Bulb. Elizabeth Ann -- highly recommended

    One of my favorite orchids. It's very vigorous. One of its parents is Bulb. longissimum. This species is so pretty and graceful and I used to have it, but it's difficult to keep because it's very prone to rot and old leaves and bulbs die back quickly. Elizabeth Ann doesn't do that, it grows and...
  6. hardy

    Bulb. mastersianum and Bulb. graveolens

    Bulb. mastersianum Bulb. graveolens. This is one of the large-sized bulbos. Mine is not so well grown. I've seen plants with fist-sized pseudobulbs.
  7. hardy

    Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Blc.) Husky Boy 'Romeo'

    This is one of my favorite orchids. :)
  8. hardy

    Rhyncattleanthe (Blc.) Shin Shiang Love 'Koyuki'

    The flowers have good substance and some fragrance too.
  9. hardy

    Claudehamiltonara Hidden Gold (formerly Otaara Hidden Gold)

    This very cute mini catt opens red, quickly fades to orange and finally turns bright yellow. So it's very aptly named indeed! :) It's a near primary hybrid. The parents are Guaritonia Why Not (G. aurantiaca X Bro. sanguinea) and Brassocattleya Richard Mueller (B. nodosa X C. milleri).
  10. hardy

    Den. leonis and Den. prostratum

    Two very similar dendrobiums... I think Den. leonis is one of the best-scented orchids out there. It's very heady vanilla. Well, when a fragrant orchid is described as smelling like vanilla (Onc. Sharry Baby, Onc. Twinkle, Neo. falcata etc.), it is usually a mixture with other scents. Not so...
  11. hardy

    Nepenthes campanulata

    This is a small-sized species, and the only nepenthes that I grow. And when it was smaller... And last, but not least, the stringy nectar that it uses to bait insects :D:D OCfpvFEaD34 aH2vaXKbCoA
  12. hardy

    Paph. Hilo Citron (sibling blooms from a flask)

    These are the blooms from the following cross: Alma Gevaert 'Green Dome' SM/TPS X Hsinying Citron 'Ching Hua Giant' GM/TPS So after a long wait finally the majority of the seedlings have bloomed. Some of the photos were taken from funny angles, but you still get the idea...
  13. hardy

    Paph. callosum f. vinicolor X sib (sibling blooms)

    A few years back I bought a flask of Paph. callosum f. vinicolor X sib from In-Charm. These are the first two to bloom so far. Oh well, there are 20 more to bloom, so I guess there is still hope :rolleyes:
  14. hardy

    Some paph blooms

    ang-thong alba Alma Gevaert primulinum praestans niveum
  15. hardy

    Recent purchase - Magic Lanterns

    Bought these over the weekend. These were on sale, so I bought more than I should :p Haven't had much success growing parvis, I hope all will survive. :)
  16. hardy

    Been away from the forum for a long while, just some photos of flowering slippers

    Hi all, I'm back, hehe. :) Been away for too long, hmm. But I've been well, and so have my paphs. :p I'd like to share some photos of recent bloomings accumulated over the past few months. Hope you like them! Paph. armeniacum Paph. niveum Paph. concolor Paph...
  17. hardy

    Paph. Hilo Citron

    The cross is Alma Gevaert 'Green Dome' SM/TPS X Hsinying Citron 'Ching Hua Giant' GM/TPS. The plants are all large and very vigorous, but rather slow to blooming. Here are six of the sister plants that have flowered so far. And here's me :D with my favorite plant...
  18. hardy

    Some rose photos to share

    (Clockwise from top: Neptune, Rouge Royale, Abraham Darby, Souvenir de la Malmaison) Some roses with peculiar scents, great for sniff bottles :) (1) Rouge Royale - lychees (2) Mrs. B. R. Cant - raspberries (3) Scepterd' Isle - liquoricey (4) Rhapsody in Blue - spicy
  19. hardy

    A couple of Coelogyne, Grammatophyllum and Renanthera

    Some photos to share :) Coelogyne pandurata, it has a scent like ylang-ylang Coelogyne dayana, some plants have flowers intensely fragrant like banana; unfortunately mine does not :o Grammatophyllum scriptum var. citrinum Renanthera Kalsom, first blooming seedling. It took seven...