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  1. Cklinger

    What is this growth?

    After reporting my paphs, a small division came off of my Paph. Vogue Wonder so I ported that as well. A few weeks later (today) I found this weird yellow bump. What is it? I wiped it with isopropanol and tried nudging it but it’s pretty firm. Christian
  2. Cklinger

    Dividing Paphs.

    I have never divided a paph, but I'm suspecting that I can divide my Paph. woluwense when I repot it. I am however nervous about and would appreciate any tips or tricks that help you all divide paphs when the time comes. Attached are multiple pictures of my Paph. woluwense. I am aware that some...
  3. Cklinger

    Paph. Seedlings?

    I didn't quite know where to post this topic so I just thought I'd post it here. I have been pretty interested in getting Paph. seedlings, however I am not coming across any. Is there anyone on the forum that sells Paph. flasks or know of any vendors that do? I am not ready yet to purchase any...
  4. Cklinger

    Paph. godefroyae v. alba

    Hi all, I am interested in getting a Paph. godefroyae v. alba. I used to have one for a some time that I got from the Portland Orchid show but I gave it to my biology advisor as a going away gift. Now I have been wanting one for a while, they're just stunning. If you have one and are willing to...
  5. Cklinger

    What exactly defines a Parvi or Brachy?

    I enjoy keeping paphs and would love my collection to grow, however I want to become more knowledgeable about them. I have been seeing Parvi and Brachy being used to describe paphs. Is it due to hybridization that makes one or the other? Thanks, Christian
  6. Cklinger

    All Around Medium for Paphs?

    About a year ago I started my collection, which is still small. I'll list out what Paphs and Phrags I currently have, but I have been thinking about just preparing potting medium for my Paphs when I'll eventually need to repot them. Is there a good combination of components that could suit...
  7. Cklinger

    Phrag leaves look burnt

    My Phrag. Franz Glanz has progressively looking more and more burnt and I am unsure why. I recently moved into a new place so I was thinking that the moving process probably took a toll. Any Idea why? I will attach a photo of what I mean, but the tips of a leaf or two and the center of a...
  8. Cklinger

    Paph. Woluwense requirements?

    Hi all, From the title of this thread, I just got a Paph Woluwense and haven’t been able to find much about care requirements. Anyone have experience with it? Also have gotten a Paph helenae and am having similar issues with finding care requirements. Any information helps! Chris...