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  1. hardy

    Paph Parish Amble

    Such lovely flowers they are!!!
  2. hardy

    Paph. praestans

    Hello, it's been a long while since I last posted. I'm kicking and well, but my orchid collection is in shambles.. If only I have the courage to post their current state in pictures.. Hm, maybe with some encouragement I might snap a photo or two. Anyways, this morning while tending to my...
  3. hardy

    Sophronitis cernua

    I pollinated two of the flowers from the last round of flowering and both pollinations took. (at 50 days after pollination) One of the cross is using Broughtonia sanguinea pollen. The capsule of this cross turned yellow after developing for 50 days and I sowed the seeds several days...
  4. hardy

    Sophronitis cernua

  5. hardy

    A few greenies

    I mean, the mottling on the leaf of Clair de Lune 'Edgard van Belle' is very distinct, green and cream, and pretty much just that. No in-between colors or gradations as is present in Maudiae 'The Queen' for example. Also, both Clair de Lune 'Edgard van Belle' and Maudiae 'The Queen' are extra...
  6. hardy

    A few greenies

    Very nice, all of them. My favorite paphs :) I think the third one could be Clair de Lune 'Edgard van Belle'. Are the leaves large and wide, and with crisp mottling? Here's mine just for reference (when I just got it, in bloom) (reblooming) Based on what I read, straight Paph. Maudiae...
  7. hardy

    Live sphagnum moss for paphs

    Using live sphagnum as a medium for paphs Lance Birk has stated before that sphagnum moss is magic stuff for paphs. I've found this to be so true. I can keep the bases of paphs sopping wet yet they seem to be protected from rots, and the live moss quicky promotes an initial flush of root...
  8. hardy

    Live sphagnum moss for paphs

    Same here, cannot edit my old post so here's the whole text copied and pasted with updated photo hotlinks: I've read several accounts on the use of live sphagnum for orchids, either in orchid magazines or in online sources. I first became interested in live sphagnum for growing...
  9. hardy

    Stem cutting for propagating maudiae-type paph

    It's an old post so I can no longer edit it.... So here it is copied and pasted with updated photo hotlinks. (Or perhaps the mods could help copy and paste the updated text and replace the original post on the first page...? RIP villagephotos, long live photobucket! =P) Some terrestrial...
  10. hardy

    Watering cans/devices for small indoor orchid pots - what works for you?

    For spot-watering, I use a squirt bottle with a long spout, something similar to this:
  11. hardy

    Broughtonia sanguinea (red and alba)

    Dainty and pretty, and loving the summer heat...
  12. hardy

    My Paph. Hilo Citron at TIOS

    I entered this plant at this year's Taiwan International Orchid Show. Won nothing but glad I entered the plant. Oh, and I propagated the plant after the show so now I have 7 pieces big and small. Cheers. :)
  13. hardy

    Some new on my Texel trip

    Looks like great purchases, Jean! Make me want to go on a plant hunting trip myself :)
  14. hardy

    Bulb. Elizabeth Ann -- highly recommended

    One of my favorite orchids. It's very vigorous. One of its parents is Bulb. longissimum. This species is so pretty and graceful and I used to have it, but it's difficult to keep because it's very prone to rot and old leaves and bulbs die back quickly. Elizabeth Ann doesn't do that, it grows and...
  15. hardy

    Rhyncattleanthe (Blc.) Shin Shiang Love 'Koyuki'

    Ah yes, I should have mentioned the photos show flowers at diferent stages.... Yes you are right! :)
  16. hardy

    Bulb. mastersianum and Bulb. graveolens

    Bulb. mastersianum Bulb. graveolens. This is one of the large-sized bulbos. Mine is not so well grown. I've seen plants with fist-sized pseudobulbs.
  17. hardy

    Rhyncattleanthe (Blc.) Shin Shiang Love 'Koyuki'

    Aw, yes you're right :p Or should I say more or less true. The background does vary quite a bit, but the color of the flowers are quite close to the real thing. Oh, and rather than the glowing white we find in many white catts, this one is off-white, just like in the photos :)
  18. hardy

    Rhyncattleanthe (Blc.) Shin Shiang Love 'Koyuki'

    All the photos are true to the real color. The flowers have a greenish tint when they just open :)
  19. hardy

    Cattley Portia Coerullea

    I love the coreulea cattleyas but coerulea cattleyas don't love me back, somehow they always die on me XD That's a gem of a plant you have! :)