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    Phragmipedium Maria Glanz and Fritz Schomburg- in Europe?

    I bought my Fritz from Ecuagenera. Nice, big plant in bud (unfortunately the bud didn't make it). You can check their Europe show schedules on You can order now the Fritz (as it's is available), and they'll send it to you from one of the European shows.
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    Dresden Orchids Show 21.-24. March 2013

    Thank you!
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    SOOS 2013 Show photos

    Thank you very much!
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    Hello from Spain

    Welcome from Greece
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    Phrag. Jason Fischer 'Red Rocket' FCC/AOS

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    Phrag. Jason Fischer 'Corbiere' AM/RHS

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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Dido!
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    Visit at Popow

    Thank you for the photos. What a temptation! How many did you buy?
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    Orchid show in Berlin, Germany

    Thank you for the fotos
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    Orchid show in Merzig, Germany

    Thank you very much for the photos!
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    Happy Birthday PaphioBoy

    Happy birthday!
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    Hello all!

    Welcome, Shadow! I also ordered from Orchid Inn as he'll be in Europe this September (but not roths). It's the first time I ordered from him, but I heard a lot of nice things about his slippers.
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    Hello from Ukraine!

    Welcome from Greece!
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    Where is Biiothanasis?

    I don't know if he's on vacation, but he posted on the Greek forum a few days ago.
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    My daughter is here

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    Greetings from Greece !!!

    Welcome, Stella!;)
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    P Susan Booth-Warning Copywrited John

    Somebody told me that some orchid hybrids are "copyrighted". Is it true?
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    My first flask arrived

    Thanks, Dido! Well, I understand about the freight. I paid 18Euros for shipping, so I wanted something else in that box, too ;)