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  1. Paphtrick

    Paphiopedilum malipoense

    I am looking for an affordable Paphiopedilum malipoense in Germany. Does anyone have one? Maybe also with scent?
  2. Paphtrick

    Two multifloral hybrids in bloom

    Without knowing the ID i would have thought, there's much intaniae in it
  3. Paphtrick

    Paph Wossner Black Wings

    You'll cut the spike like really cutting it? What is this good for?
  4. Paphtrick

    Paph. niveum 2021

    Additional to fertilizing the growing medium? Is it worth a try?
  5. Paphtrick

    Paph. niveum 2021

    Looks so good and healthy! Do you mind explaining foliar feed? It's the first time i hear about it :) @papheteer
  6. Paphtrick

    Paphiopedilum hookerae

    I hope, it's okay to just add a picture of my hookerae, that is blooming now 😅 Or is it a good practice here, to open a new thread?
  7. Paphtrick

    Paph canhii

    What exactly is ProMix? @SlipperKing What are the growing conditions? @thelink They look so nice, i like the different petals!