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  1. Paphiolitho88

    Am I giving my roth too much light or not

    Since the sun is shining more and more here, the 4/5 lower leaves turned more yellowish (the lowest one is dying off, I think because the new leave is coming up) Only the upper 3 are more green. The new leaf is growing fast and the roots are doing great so I think there is no real other problem...
  2. Paphiolitho88

    My current collection

    My (small) current collection contains mostly Paphs and a few other orchids. Next year I am going to university and they all are going to move to my new home :) (hope I will have enough space;)) The Paphs: - P. Blackjack (a complex hybrid) - P. Maudiae "Femma" - P. USA (an American hybrid)...
  3. Paphiolitho88

    Paph druryi seedling

    I have bought a seedling P. druryi in the beginning of 2016. It grows amazing but I am a little bit suspicious about the authenticity of it. I read in some books that crosses between druryi and villosum are often sold as druryi. Books and the internet say that druryi shouldn't have arching...
  4. Paphiolitho88

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hi, my name is Jöran and I am 17 years old. I grow orchids for nearly 4 years now and I really enjoy it. Paphs are my absolute favourites and I always check this forum when I have a question about them. That's why I decided to join. I have a small collection consisting of a few species and some...