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    When I repotted this plant last year it fell apart into 3 pieces. All 3 are in bloom at the moment, unfortunately not in the same pot though :mad: It would have been good to have had 4 spikes on a single plant.
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    St. Swithin

    Becoming a large plant now. Takes up a bit of bench space, but a treat when it blooms,
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    Not the best clone, but an easy grower and a reliable bloomer :)
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    Yang-Ji Apple #2

    The 4th of the season, Not as high flower count as the first, but good colour, strong dorsal and the petals without that nasty side effect from adductum (no crossed legs)
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    One of my better kolos. Only a single spike, but the blooms are large (about 25% larger than my others and well coloured)
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    This always cheers me up. Something about the bold dorsal and the bright pouch. (always thought it wanted to meet Doll's Kobold or henryanum)
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    Two spikes this season, but not growing very well. I think the recent heat-wave and my failure to spend enough time with my collection are to blame.
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    Bel Royal

    (rothschildianum x kolopakingii) I know not many like this hybrid, but I think it is difficult to beat the swarm of blooms held comfortably aloft on a strong tall spike
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    Yang-Ji Apple

    Spike is a bit stronger this year. (adductum x philippinense)
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    Reverend Philip Lamothe

    RPL is stonei x Julius (I think) An attractive multi pink not often seen
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    I really struggle with these. I think it is because my temperatures drop too low in winter for them to grow well. They are very slow under my conditions and bloom seldom. Not the best clone by a long way, but hey, it is in bloom!
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    Two different clones of glaucophylum in bloom at the moment. They are from very different sources. One is an old clone which has been in my collection for many years, while the other is a line bred clone from Taiwan.
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    Bulb claptonense

    A gift from my good friends Michael & Ben Ooi I mounted it on a lump of hardwood which Ben found on my game ranch. it seems to have established itself quite well, and is now growing quite well. [/URL]
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    Roths season begins

    We are in the grips of a terrible heat wave at the moment. For the last week temperatures have been peaking in the high 30's with greenhouse temperatures rising to over 44C and only dropping to 32C at night. I have been watering 3 times a day in the hope that the humidity will offer some measure...
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    A bit of yellow

    Den sulcatum Den densiflorum Den jenkensii
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    Paph virens

    This one is carrying a pod from its last blooming (May/June)
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    Paph hirsutissimum

    I am quite happy with this clone. It has proved to be difficult to bring to bloom for some reason.
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    First of the season, nice spike length (62cm), fair shape and colour
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    Jerry's tigrinum

    I was able to successfully bloom this plant on its first attempt at flowering. This is last years bloom, but currently there are three sheaths beginning to emerge. It usually blooms in July and shortly after the tips of the dark sheaths for next years blooms become visible. Then it just...
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    Wine monitor

    Even lizards enjoy wine! On Saturday evening I went into the wine cellar to get a bottle for the table, to find that this Rock monitor (leguaan) had the same idea. ... and by the following morning he was curled in the corner of the dining room, way easier to chase him out the door from here!