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    Phrag Acker's Beauty

    This is a first bloom seedling of Phrag. Acker's Beauty (Lindleyanum X Kovachii). I got this as a large seedling last year from Woodstream Orchids. I'll have to update the photo as it's gotten larger and the colors have evened out a little. It's quite a large bloom and i find the...
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    Gloria Naugle?

    Just bought this orchid from Al's Greenhouse in Leesburg VA. Great looking plant. I've not seen Paph. Gloria Naugle in person before and had no idea of the flower size... not a bad price and i had to have it. I do have a question though... the tag, rather than saying Paph Gloria Naugle said...
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    Culture Questions: hirsutissimum v. esquirolei and druryi

    HELLO Slipper talk gurus! I have a couple questions about these two species. I just got them and would like to know if anyone does anything special while growing them. I've read some conflicting things so thought maybe some people who successfully grow these species could help. I grow many...