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    Greenhouse recommendations

    Probably posting in the wrong section but I’m out of space in my house and looking to build my first Greeenhouse may be 15’ x 25’ or slightly larger. Anyone have any good recommendations of green houses that they have used. Thanks!
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    anitum hybrids and gigantifolium

    Pm’d For gigantifolium.
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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    Takes about a month. Water it a ton
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    Ummmm, ya

    Well none discovered yet :D
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    Crown rot on Sanderianum -Help!!

    I just noticed one of my sandy plants has a black/brown spot on the new crown leaf on one side. How can I stop this if I caught early enough? Cinnamon? Physan? Thinking of pulling out of its bark mix and putting into new mix as it looks like the bark at bottom of mix may be old and staying wet...
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    Phrag kovachii

    Wow. Just wow!
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    Paph. Sanderianum advice

    What mix do you use that doesn't break down?
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    Paphio sanderianum

    Looks like it’s on a rather small plant. What’s the leaf span ?
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    Sign up for Flasks!! Buyers Wanted!!

    I’ll take one of each. Just let me know when ready! Thanks!
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    Gloria Naugle

    Gloria Naugle that opened less than a week ago. Has 2 more buds coming. Natural spread just under 6 inches. First bloomed seedling from A&P orchids in Massachusetts. Hard to really capture how awesome and huge this thing is in a photo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Paph. Kemp Tower

    Wow! Flowering on such a small plant.
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    Michael Koopowitz x supardii

    What's that growing in? Perlite and rock wool cubes?
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    Phragmipedium Eric Young

    Gorgeous and wonderfully grown!
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    Wossner Vietnam Bell

    2nd time blooming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hanne Popow x kovachii

    Quite gorgeous!
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    My first and only fischeri.

    Gorgeous flower and foliage!!!
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    Paph Wossner Vietnam Bell

    What are the dimensions on the flower?
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    Paph godefroyae