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    Transplanted Cypripedium Acaule Update!

    Hey guys! I started trying to grow slipper orchids last year, starting with C. Acaule, C. Formosanum, and C. Parviflorum. Surprisingly, the only ones that are happily growing are my Cypripedium Acuale! I've watched them everyday for the last 3 months, I have 10 which I ordered, I live in the...
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    help with Cyp. Foremosanum

    I received a Cyp Formosanum from Plant Delights 9 days ago. I set up the bed a week prior using natural leaf compost and fine river gravel all of which are about 0.5" in width and that is my medium. to maintain the pH, we have fresh from weeping pines, coarse mulch, and pine needles. it seems I...