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  1. blondie

    Greenhouse improvments / advice

    Hi So with the ever increasing costs of electric going up, the greenhouse is really going to have to me as efficient and green as possible. As the electric forecast for next year for me in the UK, nearly turned me to charcoal. I will be in the spring re-roofing the greenhouse with 6mm twin wall...
  2. blondie

    Golddollar x Saint Swithin

    I really like the outcome of this bloom nice one
  3. blondie

    Phragmipedium Jason Fisher

    Very nice love it
  4. blondie

    Paphiopedilum Miss Faith Hanbury (Paph. glaucophyllum x Paph. niveum)

    Lovely bloom I really like this
  5. blondie

    Paphiopedilum mastersianum

    Here is a pic of th one I bloomed image hosting free
  6. blondie

    Paphiopedilum mastersianum

    It's was OK lol not what I was expecting lol. No unfortunately the sulppiler decided to close up becuase of Brexit even though it was four before that happened. They reopended a couple of years go and I could be bothered then
  7. blondie

    Some Complexs open at the mo

    Thank you everyone
  8. blondie

    Paph lowii (New Horizon x Grand Masterpiece)

    Stunning I think I have thus cross
  9. blondie

    Paph. fairrieanum from OZ

    That's really nice, nice to see one with out a really long stem
  10. blondie

    Paph Prohill

    Very nice I love the the dorsal and the red in the centre that radiates out
  11. blondie

    Paphiopedilum mastersianum

    Very nice. I bought a sangii and turned out to be this one
  12. blondie

    Tyler's fairrieanum

    That stunning really nice
  13. blondie

    Paphiopedilum purpuratum

    That's a really nice one congrats
  14. blondie

    Paphiopedilum urbanianum

    Very nice I have one of these and the flower life is amazing still in bloom nearly 3 months on
  15. blondie

    Micranthum season has started

    Lovely blooms
  16. blondie

    Paphiopedilum Albion

    Beautiful I love the classic cross
  17. blondie

    Paph Kolorand

    That's a really nice flower
  18. blondie

    Some Complexs open at the mo

    A few complex in flower again it is the season. Paph Ice Age Paph Bidbourgh Paph Luna World Paph Rosy Dawn Paph World Fanstay # Group of Paphs
  19. blondie

    Phrag.longifolium album

    Amazing I hope to buy one of these at some point soon I hope