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  1. PaphMadMan

    Clueless eBay seller

    To my great amusement, I discovered I have been banned from bidding in a certain eBay seller's auctions, who I will not identify directly. I know why, and I admit I was a bit rude. I don't have much patience when someone is deliberately ignorant. Here's what happened. I noticed a listing for...
  2. PaphMadMan

    Taxonomic inconvenience not restricted to orchids

    The Fruit Fly Formerly Known as Drosophila
  3. PaphMadMan

    Impatiens tuberosa

    Clearly not an orchid, but I know most of us orchid freaks have other horticultural interests as well so maybe someone can help me. I'm looking for a source of seed for Impatiens tuberosa, a caudiciform species. A couple internet leads didn't pan out - out of stock with no idea when they...
  4. PaphMadMan

    Cyp reginae at the farmers market

    I thought everyone might enjoy these Cyp reginae in bloom at the farmers market.
  5. PaphMadMan

    Recent aquisitions from Nick Tannaci

    Like many others here I finally was not able to resist ordering some plants from Nick Tannaci, and I couldn't be happier with what I received. On the right the 10 seedlings of his choice in bud special, and on the left 6 small seedlings + 2 bonus seedlings he included.
  6. PaphMadMan

    Cyp Gisela

    Taken with my cell phone camera, so please forgive the image quality. It is all I have to work with right now. The full height is about 9 inches, and considering the plant was completely uprooted by the squirrels twice I'm very happy to have this pretty little one in bloom. Cyp Gisela...
  7. PaphMadMan

    #[email protected]#*&% Squirrels

    Can anyone recommend a truly effective squirrel repellent? They won't stay out of the potted perennials on my balconey. Most of the plants are well established and can tolerate a little digging, but Cyp Gisela is getting irritated at being thrown out of her pot completely. And within a couple...
  8. PaphMadMan

    Orthene WP

    Can someone tell the the application rate for Orthene WP? It has been a while since I used it and I can't remember, and I'm in the middle of moving. I located the Orthene WP but the instructions are missing so far. Most of my paphs were closed in translucent plastic storage tubs for a few...
  9. PaphMadMan

    Mislabeled Paph

    A recent purchase from eBay, this was labeled as superbiens x Pulsar. I don't think so. Looks like it has multifloral ancestry. Could it possibly be supardii x Pulsar? That might be an easy miscopy if someone is careless (or clueless). So far the vendor has not responded to my request for...
  10. PaphMadMan

    Paph venustum x helenae

    Paph (venustum album 'Candor Limelite' x helenae 'USBG') Not the showiest flower, but a reasonable combination of the parents, on a nice neat compact plant.
  11. PaphMadMan

    Paph appletonianum

    I'm hoping someone might be able to suggest a source for Paph appletonianum (or hainanense, wolterianum..) currently in bud or bloom. Failing that, some saved pollen...
  12. PaphMadMan

    Paph. niveum x 2

    Here are a couple recent purchases from Ernie. Some petals are a little wonky from being constricted in shipping, but I'm pleased...
  13. PaphMadMan

    Paph purpuratum

    Any suggestions of a source for a nice Paph purpuratum? Or interesting primary hybrids of purpuratum?
  14. PaphMadMan

    Paph Ho Chi Minh

    I bought this in bud so I can't take any credit for growing it, but I was happy enough with the picture I got with my antique digital camera that I thought I'd share it. First bloom, flower is 9.2cm with 2 buds hiding behind it.
  15. PaphMadMan


    Greetings Slipperfolk... Just a quick introduction of myself as I begin to participate in this forum. I've only been growing orchids about 33 years, and seriously into slippers for about 10 years, so still just a beginner. Really into Parvi Paphs these days and a few other favoritie...