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  1. blondie

    Greenhouse improvments / advice

    Hi So with the ever increasing costs of electric going up, the greenhouse is really going to have to me as efficient and green as possible. As the electric forecast for next year for me in the UK, nearly turned me to charcoal. I will be in the spring re-roofing the greenhouse with 6mm twin wall...
  2. blondie

    Some Complexs open at the mo

    A few complex in flower again it is the season. Paph Ice Age Paph Bidbourgh Paph Luna World Paph Rosy Dawn Paph World Fanstay # Group of Paphs
  3. blondie

    A few blooms

    Hi A few Phrag's in bloom at the mo I'm hope for more blooms now the plants are growing well. P. Eric Young P. Sedenii P. Silver Rose 'Pic n Mix' site to upload photos P. pearcei free online photo upload P. besseae
  4. blondie

    Few more blooms this year

    A few more plants, in bloom at the mo not much in the flower at the moment. Lots of spikes forming and buds come P. Schaertzchen my friend poem P. Charles Sladden P. concolor var striatum P. Judge Philip
  5. blondie

    Update with my Greenhouse

    Hi Hope everyone is well? I havn't really been around on here for a few years now, jumping on periodically. But I am trying to be more active again and re-entre the world again. Last year I finally, decided that the greenhouse was not big enough. So after doing a lot of number crunches and...
  6. blondie

    Some more Blooms

    Hi Hope all is well with every one, seems to be a very good year for me Paph wise and there are already new sheath's coming to. P. Edna Ratcliffe 'Orlando' P. Deperle P. Raging Ruby P. leucochilum P. Deena Nicol P. St Swithin P. Clair De Lune 'Edgard Van Belle' FCC/RHS CCM/AOS
  7. blondie

    Oncidium's blooming over the last few months

    Hi I have been growing and collecting more Oncidium's in the last few years. Mainly looking into breeding a few myself. Most of these are from McBean's Nursery. Glyndebourne Abigale 'Ruby' pic share Keighleyensis Charlesworthii N. R. Fortissiom Oncidopsis Holm's Yolara noezliana...
  8. blondie

    Few blooms of the past couple of months

    Hi Hope you like a few blooms over the last few months or so. Paph Complex Rosy Dawn tonsum Connie Hysinying Cyber Leopard X Impulse host and share images appletonianum foto hosting esquirolei var album cerveranum vietnamense
  9. blondie

    Phrag Lovely Lynne

    Hi Hope you are all well and staying safe! where dose the time go never seem to find any time these days for a lot of thing. There are so many lovely plants on here I do look at them all even if I dont comment that often sorry about that. This a a very new hybrid and the flower is stunning...
  10. blondie

    A Few Species In Bloom

    Hi I have a few speices in bloom at the mo looking nie om a rather grey wet winter here in the Uk. P. wardii P. x hermaii P. primulinum P, insigne 'Harefild Hall' P. fairrieanum P. wardii var ablum
  11. blondie

    A Few Hybrids In Bloom

    Hi Ive not been around much been busy with work and not been very well. Here are some blooms at the moment. P. Rhiengold P. King Arthur 'Burgoyne' P. Yerba Buena temporary picture hosting P. Ice Age P. Greengold 'Mont Millas' P. Sue Worth
  12. blondie

    Two Paph's

    Hi So the last few months have been exceptionaly bussy for me, as I've had a extension added to the greenhouse. Two lovely hybrids out at the moment with lots more in bud. P. In-Charm Lady X P. James Bacon This orginally came from In-Charm through Elite Orchids image hosting free no...
  13. blondie

    P. longifoilum 'Burnham'

    Hi This has finaly decided to bloom for me. I brought this several years ago, from Hilmar in Germany the plant has suffered badly with erwinia serval times. Look's like it now on finaly over it.
  14. blondie

    Two Phrag's

    Hi Hope all is well I don't have much joy blooming Phrag's so every blooming is special for me. P. lindleyanum 'Birchwood' AM/AOS free image host P. besseae
  15. blondie

    A Few Paph's In Bloom

    Hi Hope every one is well a few blooms, before all hell breaks loose with extending the greenhouse. P. Schaetzchen P. Amanda x White Knight gif upload site P. Clair De Lune 'Edgard Van Belle' FCC/RHS image upload html P.wilhelminae
  16. blondie

    Looking for some complex hybrids in UK/EU

    Hi I'm looking for a some Complex Hybrids if any one has them? P. Jade Lauren Whales P. Copper Spice P. Skip The Bus P. PAEONY P. Grace Amelia P. Millers Daughters Thanks
  17. blondie

    P. mastersianum

    Hi I am very dissapionted with this one as I brought and paid for P. sangii and it is not that!! As for as the species it is, it has a very nice bloom good colours.
  18. blondie

    P. philippinense var album x P. ang-thong var album

    Hi I brought this at the Malvern Internation Orchid Show, from In-Charm it was in flower the first flower was a bit battered but the second has opened really nicely. <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0'...
  19. blondie

    P . Wossner Concomal

    Hi I got this in January through a friend from a combined order, and collected it off them at the BPS meeting. Lovely large flower held on a good length sten. where is the nearest shell garage
  20. blondie

    P. haynaldianum var album

    Hi I can not claim any form of credit for the blooming of this plant. I got it from Elite Orchids who got it from Orchid Web, It's a lovely bloom and very happy with it.