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  1. phrag guy

    For sale Phrag tetzlaffianum

    Phrag tetzlaffianum I just repotted my plant and have pulled these off. For sale in Canada only, sorry. $20-$40 each plus shipping [email protected] All sold Thanks Russell
  2. phrag guy

    Phrag Becky Vanstone Stoddart

    [url=]Phrag Becky Vanstone Stoddart This is Sedenii x Barbara LeAnn,been open for a few days.
  3. phrag guy

    Phrag ecuadorense "Si"

    Phrag ecuadorense 'Si' 008 copy by Russell Stoddart, on Flickr Phrag ecuadorense 'Si' 009 by Russell Stoddart, on Flickr This is a plant from John M that I won on the auction, it has to be one of the smallest I have seen. Flowering already Thanks John
  4. phrag guy

    Phrag James Stoddart

    Phrag James Stoddart 002 by Russell Stoddart, on Flickr Just trying out the Flickr also
  5. phrag guy

    Phrag Barbara LeAnn #2

    This is the second one to flower for me, last year it blasted. I bit late this year but still very nice with the hot temps. One of Jean-Pierre's
  6. phrag guy

    Trichocentrum tigrinum

    Finally got this to flower, lemon type scent when warmer out
  7. phrag guy

    Phrag Peter Croezen-2nd flower

    This is the second flower to open. Posted wrong picture this is right
  8. phrag guy

    Phrag Randy Stoddart #2

    This is the second one to flower. When the flower started to open the pouch was almost a green colour
  9. phrag guy

    Phrag Kieth Lang #2

    This is the second one to flower out of the seed pod. It is Inca Fire x long var hincksianum, Pretty sure I have shown this one before
  10. phrag guy

    Phrag Mem Dick Clements

    First time flowering, this was what was on the label
  11. phrag guy

    Phrag Randy Stoddart

    This is Graham Smith x long var hinckisianum
  12. phrag guy

    Phrag Peter Croezen

    First time flowering, the pouch is sunk in a little on left but next flower should be fine
  13. phrag guy

    Phrag Tom Lang #4

    This was the forth one to flower out of the flask. Wanakee Sunset x long var hinksianum
  14. phrag guy

    Phal Spanish Dance

    This is also a old clone.I did have a real nice one but died many years ago, A friend gave this to me. it was a stem prop I did of one of his
  15. phrag guy

    Phal Flight of Birds"Flutterby"HCC/AOS

    This is a old clone from many years ago
  16. phrag guy

    Phrag caudatum var gigantea

    First time flowering seedling
  17. phrag guy

    Phrag Firestorm-Remade

    Here is Firestorm which I remade many years ago, took to know to flower for some reason
  18. phrag guy

    Phrag Problem

    A friend sent me a picture of this problem. It started very quickly ,she did move it away form other plants. Any ideas would be very helpful Thanks
  19. phrag guy

    Paph Julius

    I do not grow a lot of paphs,had this many years, finally decided to flower, first time
  20. phrag guy

    Phrag Serge Harvey"Pinkey"

    This one turned out different than a lot that were flowered out.