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  1. dodidoki

    Maybe first time success of the most desirable sp among paphs...i had this one , always was a good grower but never got through the sheath stage.But now it is growing...
  2. dodidoki

    Rare phrag near to bloom

  3. dodidoki

    Sophronitis cernua

    Two different color on the same plant.
  4. dodidoki

    Cattleya maxima coerulea "Gigi"

    In bloom.
  5. dodidoki

    Cattleya violacea alba

    In bloom.
  6. dodidoki

    ID please

    Catasetum, anyone can ID?
  7. dodidoki

    Sophronitis cernua

    In bloom
  8. dodidoki


    I bought as spicerianum, I think it is Bruno.
  9. dodidoki

    Two forms of henryanum

    Tipo and fma. christae "Bjorn"(second is named on the honour of an old member who gave me this plant many years ago)
  10. dodidoki

    Laelia xanthina

    A relatively rarely seen sp.
  11. dodidoki


    In bloom
  12. dodidoki


    In bloom
  13. dodidoki

    Dianthum album

    In bloom.
  14. dodidoki

    Paphiopedilum dianthum album opening

    Just opening.
  15. dodidoki

    Laelia praestans alba

    Rarely seen form.
  16. dodidoki


    I bought as villosum but obviously not.
  17. dodidoki

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    In bloom.
  18. dodidoki

    Cattleya bicolor varieties

    Alba and semialba
  19. dodidoki

    Cattleya forbesii " Hotzheit x Goldlip"

    My favourite forbesii clone.