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  1. Ray

    First Rays is Closing

    From Tuesday evening until the 22nd. If you want something, don't wait!
  2. Ray

    Deal with Fertilizer Powders - Simple Dispenser

    Many are mimicking nature by feeding their plants a small amount of fertilizer, but doing so often. When I still had a greenhouse, I fed at 25 ppm N at every watering, but now II feed my plants a 100 ppm N solution weekly, but to do that, I need to figure out how to measure fractions of a...
  3. Ray

    …And how’s your week been?

    There are “supply chain issues” still, thanks to the pandemic, and then there are colossal screw-ups, and I’ve had the “pleasure” of dealing with several, all at once. Got in some jars for K-Lite. Different from usual, but the others were unavailable. When using them, I found them difficult...
  4. Ray

    Disappointing. Should I be hopeful for the future?

    Paph Hiro Luna x rothschildianum. Origin is Orchid Inn about a year ago. Noticed buds forming before I went away for a week. Short, limp spike with a single, mangled flower. I like the concept, but...
  5. Ray

    Rock Wool + LECA

    A long post, but I wanted to explain the evolution of a concept, in case anyone cares to do some experimenting Three or four decades ago, I traveled 6-7 days a week, making it difficult to keep up with my plants, and that’s what led to the development of semi-hydroponic culture for orchids...
  6. Ray

    Help Me Get My Room Back!

  7. Ray

    Reminder - Zoom Orchid Discussion Tuesday

  8. Ray

    Zoom Q&A Session - Semi-Hydroponics

  9. Ray

    Public Announcement Concerning Behavior and Potential Moderation

    People, be civil. It is perfectly fine to have differing opinions and to express them. Consideration of others' thoughts on matters is one, very effective way to learn stuff. It is NOT fine to make personal attacks. I ask everyone that sees any such comments flag it and I will delete it...
  10. Ray

    But of course...

    Not long ago, I responded to a grower on another forum that I find phrags to be particularly frustrating, the way the first flower - seemingly in pristine condition - just drops off the inflorescence upon the opening of a second flower. Immediately thereafter, Phrag Lucky Girl does this
  11. Ray

    A Pleasing Email from Graham Wood

    I used to buy and resell a lot of plants from Lehua Orchids, and Graham and I became friends-at-a-distance. After a discussion last autumn, I offered to send him a KelpMax sample to play with. Sunday I got this email from him:
  12. Ray

    iPad image issues

    Hi, Angie. We’re still having issues with photos. inline photos are no problem, but the attached screen capture is whatI see it’s “attached” images.
  13. Ray

    Anyone else experiencing problems here?

    I’ve been having issues getting into posts all weekend. I apprised Angie of the situation, but don’t know when she’ll see it and get action taken.
  14. Ray

    Paph. rungsuyanum availability?

    The new AOS Orchids mag had some great photos. Does anyone know of someone working on raising artificially propagated plants for future sales in the US?
  15. Ray

    Flower Deformities

    I am well aware that orchid flowers can sometimes be deformed in some way. I am referring to gross deformities rather than peloria. However, it seems to me that paphs and phrags seem to have issues more often than do most other genera. I suppose that could be written off as “the nature of the...
  16. Ray

    Besgrow Sphagnum

    COVID-19 related supply chain issues have made sphagnum somewhat hard to find. Unbeknownst to me, I had a small "stash" of 150g / 12 liter mini-bales up on a shelf. If anyone needs moss I have 15 available. I have them priced individually, including shipping, but if anyone wants several, let...
  17. Ray

    "Plug & Play" Dechlorinator

    My water here is quite pure, but is chlorinated using sodium hypochlorite for 4 months of the year and chloramine for the rest. It's also has some pretty strong sulfur smell on occasion. After getting a water analysis done, I decided to install a large-volume carbon filter on the water supply...
  18. Ray

    My Epiphyte Tree

    Last summer, I bought a piece of plywood and cemented it into a decorative glazed bowl. I have since attached a number of bromeliads, tolumnias and a couple of mini-vandaceous plants to it. The wrens use the red bromeliads for drinking water.
  19. Ray

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have never had a particularly difficult time growing paphs, both mottled- and strap-leaf types, but for some reason Paph. helenae is an exception. What am I missing?
  20. Ray

    Grodan Rock Wool

    There are some folks here that said they use Grodan rock wool cubes for their phrags, so I thought I'd get some to experiment with. Grodan is a long time manufacturer of inorganic rock wool horticultural media. This product is manufactured by melting basalt and spinning it into fibers, much as...