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  1. Wogga

    Postcards from Ireland

    So im traveling to Ireland for a few weeks for new years/family research/school research/camping/craic! Im going to be sending back postcards to anyone who sends me their snailmail. If you would like email photographic updates as well, go ahead and mention that in the email...
  2. Wogga

    Looking for a few things...

    Im looking to do some kind of division for division trade for some pleuros ive had my eyes on. I have an affinity for growing plants from division. If you have any of these plants im looking for, please PM me, instant message me on AIM at FaAstgermancar, or email me - [email protected] ...
  3. Wogga

    Marathon Orchid Day

    My Uncle Kevin, Tom (from the Smithsonian), and I engaged in a true marathon Orchid adventure yesterday. Technically though, it began Sunday. We left Virginia Sunday night around 1830. The ride was relatively uneventful and smooth. We arrived in Brooklyn that night around 2330. We got to poke...
  4. Wogga

    The real life Indiana Jones of Orchids

    Anyone who's interested in pleurothallids check out This guy has explored some previously uncharted and untouched regions of Ecuador, specifically in the area of Banos. Hes climbed ridiculous mountains in search of new orchids, and certainly managed to find some. He has...
  5. Wogga

    New acquisitions and Setup Thats the link to the setup ive got going for my new (and older) pleuros. Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated and more than welcome! Thanks.
  6. Wogga

    How about an IQ Test?

    I figured this would be a good way to make my 100th post, and also say thanks to the guys out there for making this place, and especially to stephen for telling me this wonderful site existed!! Ok, here are two of the paphs i encountered on my trip to the smithsonian - both of which i found to...
  7. Wogga

    Question about Zephyrus

    Im not sure this is the right section to post this, but something caught my attention. I found selling selfings of sanderianum rapunzel. anyone know anything about them??
  8. Wogga

    Smithsonian = AWESOME

    I just got all the photos uploaded from my trip to the smithsonian collection today. there are 215 photos, resized to 640x480 (or thereabouts), so that it is accessible to those with lower connection speeds. if you want an original resolution copy of any of the pictures, just pm me with a link...
  9. Wogga

    My current obsessions

    These are the guys at the top of my wishlist at the moment. I'm doing a pleurothallid field trip to the off-limits area of the smithsonian orchid collection saturday, hopefully to learn more about these guys, then, of course... BUY THEM!! :D In order - Zootrophion griffin Pleuro. cypripedioides...
  10. Wogga

    This may be a very stupid question

    But why do slippers appear to only have two sepals? Do they as a rule; is the third one (not dorsal or bottom) just hiding somewhere - or vestigial in some way; or am i just too frickin blind to figure it out? I feel like an idiot. Someone please clear this up for me:confused:
  11. Wogga

    The Potomac River

    Or more importantly, the stuff immediately surrounding it! This is what i do for fun. This little guy was SO cute! My friend anna with a toad Not sure if this guy was just a small bullfrog, or a pickerel frog Good things always come out along the potomac river/c&o canal by riley's lock...
  12. Wogga

    Paph. Maudiae 'Los Osos' x Cyberspace 'Netscape'

    Ok, here's my first in bloom post - ive posted a couple of these pictures - so in the middle of posting this, i found out my roommate has a digital slr - there are a few shots from him in here, as well as a few shots from me with his camera. enjoy!
  13. Wogga

    Not a lot of slippers, but...

    I just got back into the hobby after about 5 years of everchanging living arrangements. in a short time ive finally gotten up to 12 plants, only two of which are slippers, but hey - im workin on it :D Dendrobium nugentii NOID Vanda NOID Lc. Encyclia tampensis var. alba Epidendrum...
  14. Wogga

    Howdy from D.C.

    Hi all, I'm Colin. An orchid acquaintance referred me to the site, and i've lurked for a bit. Time to start posting now! Hope to become better acquainted with many of you soon. Cheers, Colin