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  1. adiaphane

    In bloom

    Bc. Saint Andre Neofinetia falcata 'Shunkyyden' Paph parishii with seven flowers--bought with a spike
  2. adiaphane

    Paph Ho Chi Minh

    I bought this from Ten Shin Gardens at the Pacific Orchid & Garden Expo earlier this year. It just opened and I am quite pleased. [url=]
  3. adiaphane

    What is this?

    I bought this as P. Fumi's Delight... which it obviously isn't. Looks like it is michranthum x some sort of brachypetalum. Any ideas? I'm not a fan of brachys, so not sure how I feel about this.
  4. adiaphane

    P. delenatii alba

    I bought this from Big Leaf Orchids and surprise to me, Mr. Lin sent it in spike. I just love this flower. Very slightly fragrant.
  5. adiaphane

    Paph. fairrieanum

    Still opening up, but I really like the colors on this. It looks really different from my other fairrieanum.
  6. adiaphane

    Paph. fairrieanum

    I got this back in late August/early September from Orchid Inn. It threw up a spike in October and I've been waiting ever since for it to open.
  7. adiaphane

    Cattleya Hagans Ace 'Mandarin Orange'

    Flowers are about 4-5 inches across. Smells like roses. The lip started off scarlet red, but as the flower took on more orange, it became more magenta.
  8. adiaphane

    Blc. Young Kong

    Recent acquisition from Brookside Orchids. Smells like plumeria with a hint of citrus. There was a second flower, but I snapped it off because I'm clumsy.
  9. adiaphane

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    Bought this in bud, so can't take credit for flowering it. This is made with besseae var flavum. First blooming for this plant--this is the second bud. I love the color, but not the pinched pouch. Hopefully that gets fixed the next flowering. Still pretty happy with it.
  10. adiaphane

    Haul from Ecuagenera at SF Orchid Show

    I knew I was going to be in trouble if I went to their booth at the show. Naturally it was the first booth I went to. The possibility of a particular plant being there had me dig through the boxes with all the phragmipediums inside, but I didn't see it. The particular one I held my breath...
  11. adiaphane

    Crossed one off the wishlist today

    Today, on a whim, I went to go look at orchids at the San Francisco flower mart. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw several blooming rothschildianums. There were some with four flowers on a spike, but I chose this one based on flower size, a second growth that's almost as large as the...
  12. adiaphane

    Bus Cat

    How do I train my cat to do the same?
  13. adiaphane

    P. appletonium

    I really like the washed out pink on the petals.
  14. adiaphane

    P. delenatii

  15. adiaphane

    P. malipoense

    I bought this in spike from Andy's Orchids.
  16. adiaphane

    Neofinetia falcata

    Sorry, no blooms, but very pretty leaves.
  17. adiaphane

    Dendrobium Mingle's Sapphire

    So hard to photograph the color on this one. The second photo is pretty close.
  18. adiaphane

    Normans Orchids, aka

    Hi all, Has any bought from them? There are some phals I am thiking of getting, mostly a bellina alba and a violacea var coerulea. If someone knows of a better place, please let me know! Much appreciated.
  19. adiaphane

    P K Photos from Isaias

    Thanks Isaias for the lovely photos.
  20. adiaphane

    Have a drink, Zach!

    Happy 21st birthday!