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  1. Marco

    Neofinetia falcata 'Hoshiguruma'

    Beautiful - I have a kinboshi in bloom. Flowers are very similar.
  2. Marco

    Neo. Manjushage (曼珠沙華)

    manjushage (曼珠沙華) 05 - 05.28.21 by Marco, on Flickr manjushage (曼珠沙華) 02 - 05.28.21 by Marco, on Flickr
  3. Marco

    Phalaenopsis tetraspis imperatrix purple

    Thats a really nice deep color
  4. Marco

    Phalaenopsis schilleriana

    very nice. Im sure the fragrance is fantastic as well
  5. Marco

    paphiopedilum lowii semialbum

  6. Marco

    neo. yodo no matsu

    Abax- yes this one has your typical neo frangrance.
  7. Marco

    A Couple of Fukiran in Bloom

    Very nice neos. with a nice flower count!
  8. Marco

    neo. yodo no matsu

    I got a division of this from LI Jane a while back. Nice bean leaf. I didn't realize that the flowers would point upwards. yodo no matsu (淀の松) 01 - 07.11.20 by Marco, on Flickr yodo no matsu (淀の松) 02 - 07.11.20 by Marco, on Flickr
  9. Marco

    neo. shunkyuden

    Fully open...Not as good as previous bloomings. But I expected as much considering that this plant was neglected for nearly two years. shunkyuden (春及殿) 02 - 07.11.20 by Marco, on Flickr shunkyuden (春及殿) 08 - 07.11.20 by Marco, on Flickr
  10. Marco


    I hope they stay relatively tiny. DSC_0003 by Marco, on Flickr DSC_0019 by Marco, on Flickr DSC_0020 by Marco, on Flickr DSC_0038 by Marco, on Flickr
  11. Marco

    Succulent Care - Removing pups

    Abax - No I do not have a pearly dots. Eds - They are staying as is for now. They seem to be doing ok next to the neos and its been roughly 2 months. They are fantastic. Not as fussy as neos and needs less attention. Also a 100% inorganic medium is a dream. It is not as messy as organic medium
  12. Marco

    Paphiopedilum philippinense

    This is one of my favorites species. Love it. Thanks for posting the beautiful photo.
  13. Marco

    Succulent Care - Removing pups

    Carl - Thanks! I didn't know they were winter growers. That explains why they've been growing relatively slow. I'm not going to remove the pups yet. I'm not sure if I want to keep them on or off. For the time being, I kind of like the individual growth look.
  14. Marco

    Succulent Care - Removing pups

    A few months ago I got into haworthias. One of them are throwing off pups and I'm just trying to get ready for when the time comes. Interestingly enough, it seems like the plant has put all its efforts in growing the pups and not so much in growing the mother plant. There has been minimal...
  15. Marco

    neo. shunkyuden

    Getting ready to open shunkyuden (春及殿) 09 - 07.03.20 by Marco, on Flickr shunkyuden (春及殿) 14 - 07.03.20 by Marco, on Flickr
  16. Marco

    Disa Watsonii

    Not an easy genera to grow let alone bloom. It has a beautiful flower. Congrats. Well done!
  17. Marco

    Paph. Chiu Hua Dancer

    you have a good eye for Multis congrats !
  18. Marco

    Phrag. warszewiczianum

    Amazing! Well grown!
  19. Marco

    Paphiopedilum parishii ‘Seven BridesMaids’

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful plant. I think I have a similar lightbox from amazon. It takes too much time to set up and take down so it stays in its box. Since most of the plants are small I just drape the black velvet backdrop over a laptop bag and turn our lights up. I purposefully had...