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  1. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Slc. Fire Magic

    Looks like a mini, or is it a compact? I bought a number of minis from Fred earlier this year and a few have bloomed. No terrible ones and a couple of beauties, so far.
  2. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Paphiopedilum Delrosi 'Raspberry Rascal' HCC/AOS

    Still very nice. I personally love that cross but don't own any as they are notorious slow or even non bloomers.
  3. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Summertime sadness

    Sorry to hear of your problems. Hopefully, you'll get even better blooms next year.
  4. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Paphiopedilum hangianum ‘First Class’

    That is wonderful news, and so quickly that it surprised me. Lets hope the second pod also gives you lots of seed.
  5. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    NZ Sphagnum Moss

    Angela, it took about 10 or 11 days to arrive via Fed-ex. That is the shipping company that Fred chose and I'm sure he must be getting special pricing. I also believe (possible incorrectly) that it would have cost more than half that cost if I was only shipping one. They each had there own...
  6. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    NZ Sphagnum Moss

    I just received a shipment from Fred at Sunset Valley Orchids. AAA moss in 3 kilo bales. Bought two bales for $150 each plus shipping. I thought the shipping would be crazy expensive but not too bad considering we went from CA to NY. Total shipping was $51 for both bales. Haven't used it...
  7. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Vacation Watering

    If you don't have too many plants you can put them in those clear storage containers. The hardest part of that is to find the ones with the clear tops. Just water them the day or two before you leave and put the lid on. Maybe you don't even need to have the clear lids but it made me feel...
  8. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Greenhouse heat question

    I change my min. temp. I start out at 50 degrees, when summer is getting over (Oct). Then try to leave it there for a couple of months. Then I put it at 55 for the rest of the winter. During the day I have it go up to 63 degrees. That would be from around 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Then it resets...
  9. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Paphiopedilum hangianum ‘First Class’

    Leslie, Wanted to p.m. you, or as they now say, start a conversation with you. Can you P.M. me.
  10. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Greenhouse heat question

    I tried to use regular old house programmable thermostates for a number of years. Due to the high humidity I had to keep a couple extras on hand as they would stop working. Had to change them at least once or more a year. Luckily, my greenhouse is attached to my house so was able to buy one...
  11. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    My Own Hybrid is Getting Ready to Bloom!!

    So, if I'm not mistaken, less than 2 years out of flask. Like you stated, wish they all grew that fast.
  12. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Why new buds turning brown

    Sorry but don't see your photo.
  13. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Sophies orchids

    They certainly would not be my first choice. If you try them start off slow. Seems like they sell alot of small bare root no named plants. I have no first hand information but it appears that she buys large plants and then sells them off one or two growths at a time.
  14. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Can someone identify this phrag #?

    The # is ca456?
  15. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Better Than Expected Root Mass

    Wish all of my paphs. had roots like that. As far as the new growth snapping off, we have all done it more times than we care to admit.
  16. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    1st International Vanda and Slipper Orchid Symposium

    Speakers are listed on the website but I don't believe vendors are. Isn't this a crazy combination of orchids, slippers and vandas?
  17. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Smaller than ideal seedlings again

    Sounds like a great cross but I'm with you regarding the size. May I ask whom the seller was? Is that compot the whole flask?
  18. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    NZ Sphagnum Moss

    I have also run into the same problem. Let me know how it works out for you.
  19. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Too many Magic Lanterns

    Very good growing.
  20. Bob in Albany  N.Y.

    Marriott Orchids newest Flask Listing...

    So did anyone other than myself take the plunge? Couldn't help myself :) Happy that I did.