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  1. silence882

    Spiranthes lacera

  2. silence882

    Need opinions on this one - besseae complex

    Hi all, I grew this from a flask I bought as dalessandroi. But it doesn't look like one to me. I suspect it's a Jersey (besseae x dalessandroi) or some other mix of dalessandroi and besseae. This is its second blooming. I've bloomed 3 others and they all had a similar shape. What do you...
  3. silence882

    Phrag Stephen Manza

    This is the first bloom of the first cross that I pollinated and grew myself (Orchid Origins did the flasking). A remake of JP's cross. Truly the apex of modern orchid hybridizing. Eric said he would step over any two corpses of my choice just to get his hands on one. --Stephen
  4. silence882

    Platanthera ciliaris and clavellata

    Blooming along the same Maryland mountain ridge as grandiflora and shriveri. There's a patch of about 50 ciliaris: This is a patch of 10 clavellata: --Stephen
  5. silence882

    Platanthera shriveri

    Blooming along the same Maryland mountain ridge as grandiflora.
  6. silence882

    Platanthera grandiflora and lacera

    My new pandemic hobby has been finding Maryland native orchids. Here are 2 highlights. Platanthera grandiflora: Platanthera lacera:
  7. silence882

    Some news on Marriott Orchids

    This was in the most recent issue of the Slipper Orchid Alliance Journal: NEWS ABOUT MARRIOTT ORCHIDS There is major news from Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids. For over a year he has been in the arduous process of finding a buyer for his complex paphiopedilum collection. He announced on his...
  8. silence882

    Phrag. Stephen Manza

    Phrag. Stephen Manza (Green Hornet x Barbara LeAnn) bred by JP Faust. Eric has repeatedly called this the greatest possible expression of a besseae hybrid. --Stephen
  9. silence882

    Phrag Evening Blaze 3N

    Hi all, This is one I got in flask from Chuck Acker. One of the three spikes is branching. It is one of my favorite Phrags. --Stephen
  10. silence882

    What is it and how do I kill it?

    Hi all, I have microscopic insects on my orchids. Can anyone ID them from this photo? And if so, what's the best way to kill them? I think they're causing damage: Thanks! --Stephen
  11. silence882

    Paph emersonii

    Hi everyone, My Paph emersonii is blooming on a short spike. Because 2020. It started to open with no spike at all visible, but luckily the spike got just long enough that the bloom could unfold properly. It bloomed normally on it's first growth 2 years ago. I got this in flask from...
  12. silence882

    Need some help identifying Cyp. reginae

    Hi Everyone, I recently took a drive to West Virginia to check out a spot I'd been told had Cyp. reginae growing in the wild. I think I found the plants, but no buds or blooms. Maybe. Can anyone with experience with this species confirm either way if these are Cyp. reginae? And if so, was I...
  13. silence882

    Extra medium size charcoal - for shipping

    Hi all, I decided to see if I liked using medium sized charcoal in my slipper mix. I do not (too coarse). I bought a cubic foot of it from Kelley's Korner. I do not want it. If someone else in the US would like it, you can have it for the cost of shipping. It's about 25 pounds sent by UPS...
  14. silence882

    Can humidity levels be too high?

    Hi all, Turns out my new orchid cabinet is working better than anticipated at keeping humidity levels up. They're staying at 90-95% throughout the day and night. I never thought as an indoor grower I'd have to ask this, but is my humidity too high? I've got a wide range of Paphs and Phrags...
  15. silence882

    Paph. tigrinum

    Hi All, This tigrinum is a first bloom from a flask I bought from Hengduan 6 years ago. The flask had 6 seedlings in it. 1 sickly one died almost immediately and I lost another to crown rot along the way. They're all BS now and 1 other in is low spike. The other 2 don't look like they'll be...
  16. silence882

    How serious is finding tiny snails in your plants?

    Hi all, I am an indoor grower and have found a few tiny snails in the past couple months on my plants. On a scale of don't-worry-about-it to kill-it-with-fire, how concerned should I be? Their shells are about 5 mm across. I have no idea where they came from as they showed up when I hadn't...
  17. silence882

    Cyp. candidum in situ

    Hi All, We're about to get an unusually late freeze, so I rushed out today to search for Cyp. candidum in bloom here in Maryland. I got lucky and found a patch of about a dozen plants in bloom. It's the only known location for this species in Maryland. And some extra good news - there were a...
  18. silence882

    Cyp. acaule in situ

    Hi All, Took a drive over to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge in Maryland, USA, a few days ago to hunt for Cyp. acaule. Got lucky and found a handful in bloom. My calendar was oddly open, so I had plenty of time to look around. --Stephen
  19. silence882

    Phrag. Evening Blaze

    I have a nice pandemic orchid blooming. It's Phrag. Evening Blaze (Twilight ‘Rising Rocket’ AM/AOS [4N] x Waunakee Sunset ‘Cherry’) I got in flask from Chuck Acker. I'm quite happy with this one: --Stephen
  20. silence882

    Question about AOS membership

    Hi all, Quick question. Does joining the AOS give you access to all the AOS award data? Their website is tremendously unclear on that. --Stephen