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  1. Yoyo_Jo

    Japanese Tree Peony in Bloom

    So I managed to overwinter my tree peony again, and this year it will have three blooms. Hurrah! I planted it in 2007 and it only bloomed one other time for me, in 2009. It smells delicious. Did I mention the blooms are enormous?
  2. Yoyo_Jo

    Cattleya Korat Spots 'Green Spot'

    A division from John M of Orchids Canada last year. Smells divine. :D
  3. Yoyo_Jo

    Phrag. Cape Sunset 3N

    Thought I'd better grab a photo before the first flower plops off. A third bud still to bloom.
  4. Yoyo_Jo

    Cattleya percivaliana 'Jewel'

    Blooming much closer to Christmas this year... :D More flowers too...
  5. Yoyo_Jo

    Cattleya Log Cabin x Bangkok Beauty

    I acquired this lovely and numerous other crosses recently from one of our orchid society members who made a bunch of his own crosses back in the 90's.
  6. Yoyo_Jo

    RIP Hidey Cat

    Feb 14, 1995 - Nov 2, 2012 Hug your cats for me.
  7. Yoyo_Jo

    Cattleya "Safeway Splash Petal"

    ...well, :poke: sounds better than Cattleya "NOID", right? In my possession for three years, has re-bloomed faithfully every year. Delicious citrus/candy fragrance.
  8. Yoyo_Jo

    New Lens

    I bought a new lens yesterday. 150 - 500 mm. Pine Siskin at a feeder in my bark yard Bee on the Bee Balm...
  9. Yoyo_Jo

    Oncidium Pacific Space Lustre

    Surprisingly fragrant...
  10. Yoyo_Jo

    Guaricattonia Teipels Feuerzeug

    Seems to be a regular rebloomer for me. :p
  11. Yoyo_Jo

    Cattleya Mari's Song 'CTM 217' HCC/AOS

    Purchased a couple years ago; first time it's rebloomed for me. Pretty fragrance.
  12. Yoyo_Jo

    Pot. Elaine Taylor ‘Krull-Smith’ FCC/AOS

    I won this in the 2011 Slippertalk Auction, donation from John M. **I tweaked this a bit in Photoshop to try and get the color right. Set my exposure with a gray card first, shot in RAW, then tweaked. On my monitor looks pretty close...
  13. Yoyo_Jo

    Phrag. Eric Young

    Blooms yearly like clock-work. And I think I have the thrip issue licked. (Fingers crossed).
  14. Yoyo_Jo

    Phrag. Mini Grande

    A third bud is just about ready to pop too. :D 2010 Purchase from OL...
  15. Yoyo_Jo

    Happy Birthday Toddy Bear!

    I'm pretty sure it's June 23rd in NFLD, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD! Was thinking of you today while setting up our orchid show - too bad you couldn't make it down for it this time. Hope you have a great day on your birthday!
  16. Yoyo_Jo

    First Cyps to Bloom in My Yard

    I put these plants in last year. I am thrilled that they overwintered and are starting to bloom.
  17. Yoyo_Jo

    Happy Birthday Gilda & cnycharles!!

    Hey guys, all the best to you both on this shared Birthday. Hope you have an amazing day. :)
  18. Yoyo_Jo

    The Current Bane of My Gardening Existence...

    My husband kept chasing this guy out of our backyard into the alley because my yard is a virtual salad bar buffet. We discovered this morning that the critter actually digs his way back in under the gate. He's so cute, but geez...he eats everything including the new growth on my roses... :(...
  19. Yoyo_Jo


    This catt has some pretty suspicious looking dark circles; I'm concerned it's a virus? I know I need to test it for sure, just wondered what you think...
  20. Yoyo_Jo

    Happy Birthday Biothansis!

    All the Best to you on your Birthday! :)