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  1. Ozpaph

    a few multis

    My plants from this weekend's West Brisbane and TAPS (Paph Society) combined show. Two JB's and a first flowering roth - (Black Diamond X Tarantula) [/url]
  2. Ozpaph

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Stephen' FCC/AOC

    Now I know how exciting it is the receive an FCC! 86.2 pts. In Australia anitum is not recognized as a separate species so while this was purchased as Wossner Black Wings (from my friend Atian Tsai), it had to be 'renamed' for the award. I dont have the official measurements but these are mine -...
  3. Ozpaph

    Paph rothschildianum

    Two Dou Fong hybrids brighten up a temperate winter.
  4. Ozpaph

    C. walkeriana

    'pink lady' X flamea 'hsinying'. Nice pink. I havent seen a flamea from this cross.
  5. Ozpaph

    'Tree of anceps'

    L. anceps growing on our front garden palm. Best output yet, 7 spikes. Enjoy
  6. Ozpaph

    Paph bellatulum

    About the only brachy i can keep alive..... Found a place on the wall of the GH where it gets lots of air and probably a bit drier than the multis.
  7. Ozpaph

    C. leopoldii var escura 'Rosella' x self

    Cattleya species arent my 'core competency'. This is labelled as above. My reading suggests its tigrina (early summer flowering from green sheath - per AOS article). Also, what separates this out as var escura? I'd be grateful for any insights. Thank-you I like the colour but the 2 flowers are...
  8. Ozpaph

    C. tenebrosa

    Fumacina X Rainforest. 3 flowers. NS=175mm. Big plant. Has been open a few days and remains quite 'flat'.
  9. Ozpaph

    Paph Susan Booths

    A collection of my Susan Booths. (photos look a bit over saturated from the iphone). Susan Booth seedling Susan Booth #2 Susan Booth 'Paracombe' (flowering on a small division) Susan Booth 'Sunnybank'.
  10. Ozpaph

    Paph rothschildianum

    A few first flowering seedlings. All Taiwanese origin - Purple Dream, Six Fay, 13-3 parentage. A few worth growing on.
  11. Ozpaph


    Or is the plural Hippeastra??? Lovely but only last a few days as the weather hear warms up.
  12. Ozpaph

    Paph Lady Isabel

    First flowering. roth 'TN-TM-1' X stonei 'TN Queen'. 50mm dorsal. pic hosting
  13. Ozpaph

    Paph Berenice 'albescense'

    My second one of these to flower. Sam's breeding. Two album forms producing a light coloured variant. Attractive and different.
  14. Ozpaph

    Ppah Volcano Goddess

    Yang-Ji Apple x roth. First flowering. Good size and shape. Petals started to cross over as the flower aged.
  15. Ozpaph

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz

    These are the 3rd and 4th plants to flower from the flask. Now, nearly 9 years out of flask. They have all been pretty similar. Still single growth +/- small start.
  16. Ozpaph

    Paph Alexej

    First flowering seedling. Pity about the colour break etc. 210mm across
  17. Ozpaph

    Cheery Christmas Catts

    Epicatt May Bly 'Ching Hua Splash' Eplc. Merry Green
  18. Ozpaph

    Paph lowii X Hsinying Franz

    Disappointing outcome. Too wishy-washy for me.
  19. Ozpaph

    Ppah Hung Sheng Cape

    stonei X anitum. First flowering. Taiwanese import from Howard (for the Aussies). 3 flowers. Ill stake it better next time.....
  20. Ozpaph

    Paph philippinense 'Stephen' HCC/AOC

    Well its my very first award, so Im very pleased. 76.6 pt HCC. Awarded at our local paph meeting (TAPS). A seedling from Brad, of Sam Tsui (Orchid Inn) breeding. 'Wide Spread X Alford'. This was the second flowering. I staked it upright after 'casual' commentary by the judges on the first...