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  1. Berthold

    Laelia tenebrosa

    Congratulations to my American friends for the 30th of August 23:59
  2. Berthold

    Cypripedium arietinum

    Is there anyone here who cultivates Cypripedium arietinum? I'm afraid the small seedlings can't synthesize chlorophyll by themselves without mykorrhizal fungi support
  3. Berthold

    Laelia rupicola, now Cattleya, before Hoffammnseggella

    Today Laelia rupestris in flower
  4. Berthold


    Is somebody interested in cultivation of Fritillaria? Here Fritillaria recurva, a jewel from the Californian mountains
  5. Berthold

    Dockrilla nugentii

    After 5 years my little Australian baby starts flowering.
  6. Berthold

    Dendrobium pugioniforme

    A species for the cool greenhouse
  7. Berthold

    Severe bush fire on the New York Stock Exchange

    What is going on in Your country?
  8. Berthold

    Masdevallia ova-avis

    A species for the cool greenhouse
  9. Berthold

    Happy Christmas to everyone

    I wish a nice Christmas, to my friends and my enemies. Berthold
  10. Berthold

    Ardennen battle 75 years ago

    The Battle of the Bulge started today 75 years ago. The 12th Army Group lost more than 20000 soldiers within some weeks. It was the most bloody battle for Americans in the 2. world war. I am very sorry about that.
  11. Berthold

    Masdevalli caloptera

    Masdevallia caloptera, a nice and well going species in cooler conditions
  12. Berthold

    Dendrobium tetragonum var. giganteum

    Optimal temperature at flowering time is 10 to 15°C
  13. Berthold

    The view of Mikhail Gorbachev

    It Was Impossible To Go On Living Like Before I was sitting in the middel 5 miles from Berlin wall
  14. Berthold

    Dendrobium vietnamense

    Dendrobium vietnamense, a small species with elegant flowers, not often seen in cultivation
  15. Berthold

    Clowesia dodsoniana

    Strong fragrance in sunshine like sweet moth powder
  16. Berthold

    Cypripedium macranthum rebunense

    The last survivor of my three plants is back again
  17. Berthold

    For our British friends

    I will appreciate
  18. Berthold

    Dendrobium speciosum

    A big flower. It likes a cold greenhouse
  19. Berthold

    Drought period in California finshed by Climate change

    After 7 years nearly all water reservoir in California are full again. Fine, You can wash Your cars and water your golf greens again.