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  1. SlipperFan

    Paph. braemii photos needed

    Professor Guido Braem asked me if I knew anyone who has a Paph. braemii and could send him photos of both sides of its leaves. I don't have one, but I thought if anyone does, that person would be on Slippertalk. If you do and are willing to take some fairly close-up photos for Guido, please...
  2. SlipperFan


    I haven't used Photobucket since they announced they were going to start charging for their services. The last time I tried to access pictures on Slippertalk that were hosted by Photobucket, they were not visible -- just an icon with a message about their new service. But now I see my photos...
  3. SlipperFan

    Phrag. Waunakee Sunset x fischeri

    First bloom seedling.
  4. SlipperFan

    Two colorful Vandas

    V. Fuchs Ruby (Yip Sum Wah x Peggy Foo) V. Udomchai (Nam Phung x Pralor)
  5. SlipperFan

    Another Phal. Maui Galaxy

    Quite different from the first one I posted awhile back.
  6. SlipperFan

    Phrag. besseae v. flavum x manzurii

    I don't think this has been named yet. First bloom seedling.
  7. SlipperFan

    Another new Paph

    Paph myanmaricum: There's been a thread in Facebook about it since May...
  8. SlipperFan

    Rhynchovola David Sander

    (Brassavola cucullata x Rhyncholaelia digbyana) I picked this one because of the color. I don't think it is common in this hybrid. The flower is a little wonky, but that may be the way it was hanging when it opened.
  9. SlipperFan

    Paph. Temptation

    'Wacousta' HCC/AOS when it had a spike of 5 flowers. This one has 7. Temptation is a cross between philippinense forma alba ‘Sterling’ x kolopakingii var. topperi ’10 mile’
  10. SlipperFan

    Coelogyne usitana

    One of my favorite orchids, but very difficult to photograph well.
  11. SlipperFan

    Tsubotaara Melinda Marie

    Pabanisia Eva's Blue Amazon x Zygonisia Cynosure
  12. SlipperFan

    Cleisocentron merrillianum

    I love this plant!
  13. SlipperFan

    Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'Pink Beige'

    Only two flowers on this first bloom seedling, but it is quite a sweet flower.
  14. SlipperFan

    Paph. Delrosi

    Made with delenatii dunkel. First two flowers were a disaster, the third shows promise:
  15. SlipperFan

    Book on Terrestrial Orchid Conservation

    I received this email today, and thought others might be interested in this book: Conservation Methods for Terrestrial Orchids "This authoritative and magnificent book is the work of many years of two well-respected scientists in the field, who clearly share a lifetime passion for...
  16. SlipperFan

    C. Cornelia's Love

    A lovely flower from Fred Clarke's breeding. (Love Knot v. coerulea 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Cornelia v. coerulea 'Floralia’)
  17. SlipperFan

    C. dowiana, v. aurea

    First bloom seedling from a selfing from the awarded clone 'Dot Barnett' AM/AOS. Photos were taken with my iPhone.
  18. SlipperFan

    Paph. Booth's Saint-Adductum

    'Wacousta' HCC/AOS (St. Swithin ‘Black Rook’ x adductum “Black Top’) This year's bloom only had three flowers, the same as when it was awarded.
  19. SlipperFan

    Paph. Lo'ihi

    I like the color and contrast on this, but the dorsal tends to twist. :( (Mount Toro ‘Totally’ HCC/AOS x parishii ‘Lehue ‘Ben Ten’)
  20. SlipperFan

    Paph. Constance

    ‘Niki Lynn’ AM/AOS (curtisii x stonei) It will have 3 flowers. The bud is hidden.