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  1. Djthomp28

    For Sale Multiple Mounted Cattleya species

    Brassavola flagellaris - $25 + shipping Brassavola perrinii - $20 + shipping Cattleya jongheana ( Colchicine-Treated seedling) $10 + Shipping Cattleya walkerina (fairly positive this is alba from SVO) - $25 + shipping
  2. Djthomp28

    For Sale Paphiopedilum Compots

    Three mutli-plant compots of varying size are up for sale. Prices do not include shipping, which will be $12. Paphiopedilum charlesworthii x Western Sky $50 (6 seedlings) Paphiopedilum vietnamense - $30 (4 seedlings) Paphiopedilum Al Rutel $10 (2 seedlings)
  3. Djthomp28

    For Sale Epidendrum ciliare

    Multiple growth seedling in a 3" pot. Asking $10 plus shipping.
  4. Djthomp28

    For Sale Masdevallia regina x veitchiana 'Rainbow Machu Picchu'

    Nicely growing in a 2.25" pot. This unnamed hybrid was created by Orchids Limited, who has started blooming them already. The one I am selling has not bloomed yet. Asking $18 plus shipping.
  5. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum Bo-Ying Chow

    This is Pinocchio x bellatulum. Still waiting for the ruffles on the petals to emerge.
  6. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum Delrosi 'Raspberry Rascal' HCC/AOS

    Although I am sure it is not the best blooming, it is the first blooming for me after 4 years of growing. The award picture has a much darker and symmetrical pouch. I am guessing temperature played a role in the difference. This flower developed during a long heat wave. The next blooming will...
  7. Djthomp28

    For Sale Phragmipedium Hanna Popow (flava parent)

    This Phragmipedium Hanne Popow was made with the flava form of besseae. It has two growths. One is in flower and the other is in spike. Asking $30+shipping. PM with questions
  8. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum Reverend Canon Mari

    This particular Reverend Canon Mari is from Orchid Inn (Paph. philippinense fma. alba 'Albino Beauty' AM/AOS x Kolosand 'QF Green Dragon' FCC/AOS). I am not in love with it, and it takes up a lot of space. So, It will be looking for a new home.
  9. Djthomp28

    Dendrobium King Zip x Faye Roshan

    Here is an unregistered hybrid from Sunset Valley blooming for the first time. It is spiking on three growth. So it is pretty floriferous. I love the color, and for those who are into fragrance it is highly fragrant throughout the day.
  10. Djthomp28

    Phragmipedium Margo's Pinky

    This is a sibling of my awarded Margo's Pinky. It opened outside in the heat wave. When it was outside the background was a distinctive yellow. Now that it's aged in the house a few days, the yellow is fading to a cream/whitish color. Maybe age or cooler temperatures changed the color? There...
  11. Djthomp28

    Comparettia speciosa

    This little thing is starting to branch. Hopefully it will hold this first set of flowers while the new branch matures.
  12. Djthomp28

    Phragmipedium Ecuagenera Dream

    I almost missed this one blooming outside. Thank goodness it is a successive bloomer.
  13. Djthomp28

    Looking for speaker recommendations

    We have several society members who are interested in improving their dendrobium culture. Since dendrobium is such a large genus, it has been difficult to identify a speaker who can talk through the culture of the multiple groups. Does anyone have speaker recommendations for dendrobium experts...
  14. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum Quintals Garden

    An actual compact multi Paphiopedilum! This is Cascade Creek x glanduliferum.
  15. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum QF John Fields

    It has been three years since this one have bloomed. Since it is parishii x praestans, I thought the praestans would moderate the size a bit. I guess I was wrong.
  16. Djthomp28

    Cattleya loddigesii 4N

    Not sure whether or not to consider this a first time bloomer. It has tried to bloom twice before but both times the buds either did not form or blasted. It should be really nice as it matures.
  17. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum Michael Koopowitz

    I am posting early but can not help it. I am excited to see this one blooming. Also, it feels like it is taking forever to open. Here is my Michael Koopowitz (philippinense 'Super Long Twister' x sanderianum '90+') from Orchid Inn. I will take better picture once all the buds open.
  18. Djthomp28

    Phragmipedium lindenii

    I purchased this as a seedling from Fox Valley Orchids in 2016. It finally bloomed in June. Very unique and worth the wait as a conversation starter.
  19. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    Lately, I have had a lot of life changes going on which are requiring me to redirect my focus. Thankfully my orchids have kept doing their thing. This is the first blooming of my Paph. helenae. The one on the left is a newer flower than the one on the right.
  20. Djthomp28

    Ancistrochilus rothschildianus

    After 3 years and a couple of missteps, this is finally blooming. Now to just keep it alive.