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  1. kentuckiense

    Peruvian orchid party (with ID requests)

    These were found in the eastern Andes along the Inca Trail. I welcome any ideas about identity! Aa sp. Aa sp. (I think this is the same as the previous species, but I don't know for sure) Pterichis leucoptera (I think) Pterichis silvestris (I think)
  2. kentuckiense

    Authority on Peruvian orchids?

    Hey everyone. I apologize for not visiting the forum in, uh, three years (121236 unread posts!) I just got back from two weeks in Peru. I photographed a few dozen orchids, but I'm having some trouble with identification. For instance, I photographed four different species within the...
  3. kentuckiense

    Orchid people in the Tidewater, VA, area

    Fellow STers, In about six weeks I will be moving from my home of four years, Morgantown, WV, back to Williamsburg, VA, where I spent my undergraduate years. I'm not sure exactly where I'll eventually end up for the long haul, but I imagine it'll be somewhere between Richmond and Virginia...
  4. kentuckiense

    Corallorhiza odontorhiza

    My favorite native orchids are the ones that are tiny, brown or green, and very un-orchidlike to the casual observer. I found this group by scouring the roadsides of Cooper's Rock State Forest here in northern West Virginia. I especially like this population because most C. odontorhiza I've...
  5. kentuckiense

    Orchids of the Cranberry Wilderness and the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area

    A few weeks ago we spent a rainy weekend in one of the botanical treasures of Eastern North America: Pocahontas County, WV. While driving 45 mph I spotted this lovely Platanthera grandiflora f. albiflora: There were also hundreds of the typical color form: The first thing I saw at...
  6. kentuckiense

    Cypripedium candidum in-situ

    These photos are from the disjunct population in Maryland. The site is incredibly steep, rocky, and legitimately dangerous. Furthermore, it was raining, so I blasted off (sorry about the harsh flash in the second one) a few hand-held shots of the first plant I found and then got the hell out...
  7. kentuckiense

    Cypripedium acaule in-situ

    Just my yearly C. acaule photos. From on of the most delightful places in wild, wonderful West Virginia: Cooper's Rock State Forest.
  8. kentuckiense

    Liparis liliifolia in-situ

    I must admit that I've been doing a bad job at sharing my recent photos on here. I'll try to remedy that over the next few days. I stumbled across a few Liparis liliifolia plants a few days ago. They were growing right beside an individual of my favorite fern (ally), Ophioglossum vulgatum.
  9. kentuckiense

    Central American orchid experts? Oncidium (Lophiaris, whatever) ID question

    Hello everyone! My girlfriend just arrived back from Belize and showed me some photos of an orchid she found. After getting over being jealous of her trip AND her getting to see orchids in-situ, I sat down with Orchids of Guatemala and Belize by Ames and Correll. It keyed out pretty well to...
  10. kentuckiense

    Any slipper orchid books forthcoming?

    Hey everyone! I noticed that it has been a while since any slipper orchid books have been published. The last one I remember is "Genus Paphiopedilum in China" two summers ago. I've heard a rumor that Cribb is writing a monograph on the tropical new world slipper orchids. He recently...
  11. kentuckiense

    Platanthera grandiflora and Platanthera orbiculata (and their guardian)

    On Sunday I headed into the mountains to do a bit of orchid hunting and hiking. My friends went ahead down the trail while I captured the following two species. Platanthera grandiflora: Platanthera orbiculata Since I was a good half hour behind my friends on the...
  12. kentuckiense

    Three native Cypripedium

    Last Friday I embarked on my weekend-long Tour de Cypripedium. My first stop was in Cooper's Rock State Forest where I found Cypripedium acaule growing in a dry, oaky forest with the occasional mountain laurel: Next, I photographed some high elevation Cypripedium parviflorum var...
  13. kentuckiense

    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    I've had this one for a few years. First bloom.
  14. kentuckiense

    It looks like there is a new Paph book in the works

    Slipper Orchids of China - P. Cribb If it's anything like Slipper Orchids of Vietnam, I'll be very happy.
  15. kentuckiense

    I'm looking for comprehensive books on the orchids of the New World

    As some of you may know, I collect regional orchid floras. One thing I have noticed is that the old world is FAR better covered. For example, I have numerous books covering Europe, Russia, China, and various southeast Asian countries and island nations. Hell, even Bhutan has a massive tome...
  16. kentuckiense

    Phragmipedium fischeri x Phragmipedium Twilight 'Rising Rocket' (4N)

    This was a gift from Matt Gore when I ordered a batch of fischeri from him a few years back. It's an Acker cross.
  17. kentuckiense

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    It's that season!
  18. kentuckiense

    Phragmipedium besseae 'Peru 1988'

    First, a little backstory on this plant: As I understand it (please correct me, OL guys), Orchids Limited collected this besseae in Peru in 1988, pre-CITES. Obviously, throughout the years, divisions have been made and sold, and this plant is a division gifted to me by forum founder John...
  19. kentuckiense

    A discussion on the need to digitize past issues of AOS and OD magazines

    As a grad student, I spend a considerable amount of time browsing past issues of scientific journals relevant to my research. These days, it's an absolute necessity for scientific journals to have digitized articles coupled with a digital subscription service. While the AOS and OD magazines...
  20. kentuckiense

    Listera smallii and Platanthera peramoena in situ

    Listera smallii is a diminutive Appalachian endemic that favors hummocks of sphagnum under Rhododendron maximum. Platanthera peramoena is generally encountered along moist, sunny roadsides and in powerline cuts.