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  1. smartie2000

    My Cypripedium parviflorum Woodcut artwork

    Hello, I haven't been sharing my orchids for a while because I've been busy with various art and design projects. I exhibited this reduction woodcut at my orchid local show and I received Best Amateur Artist last year. Since it is a woodcut, there are a few editions available and if anyone is...
  2. smartie2000

    Cypripedium Emil 2013

    Hi guys, Well I am quite happy with this plant. I had it indoors for a bit where it suffered a lot. (Experimented. I don't have the same pot culture skills as some of the other members here) But it has bloomed again after moving it outside last summer. Vigorous plant, since I believe other Cyps...
  3. smartie2000

    Paphiopedilum parishii

    This one is from Thailand, since it came from a importer from there. No twists in the petals of on my plant, which is so strange for the species :confused: . It bloomed in October, but I haven't been on this forum for so long to share...
  4. smartie2000

    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    Just came into bloom, one of my favs. The cross is (philippinense x sanderianum).
  5. smartie2000

    Phragmipedium Bouley Bay 4N

    I haven't been around posting unfortunately, so this is my first in a while. The cross is (Eric young 4N 'Mount Millais' AM/RHS X Grande 4N 'Gigantea')
  6. smartie2000

    Cypripedium broken dormancy? Safe for fall planting?

    My Cyp. Emil might have broken dormancy. It has turned green. I'm just wondering if it is safe for the winter outdoors (-30oC)? What happened is that The plant broke dormancy in early Feb this year. It lost its leaves very early for some reason. I had planted the pot outside, maybe in July...
  7. smartie2000

    Phrag. Allison Strohm (kovachii x Living Fire 4N)

    I haven't been around for a while! I was away on a study trip for six weeks, and I have not been on slipper talk for a total of ~8 weeks. That's 17578 new posts!!! This plant was in bud when I left Canada, and I thought that I would miss the blooming after so many years of growing from...
  8. smartie2000

    Paph. Rosy Dawn 'Swan Lake'

    I put Rosy Dawn on my want list for a while now and I finally found one. A division from a orchid society member which I bought at a meeting at a reasonable price. I'm quite pleased, though I did not plan to buy anymore plants recently. A curvy flower, but I'll take it for a white paph. I...
  9. smartie2000

    Phrag. besseae var. flavum 'Yellow Emperor'

    The cross was a selfing of 'Wings of Gold'. My photos are not good, because the blooms are actually a bright yellow. They photographed too pale and I tried to adjust them, but this is the best I can do. First blooming on this single growth plant. I don't get besseae to hold two blooms at once...
  10. smartie2000

    Paph Fanaticum

    The tag says micranthum x malipoense, though it took the green colour of the malipoense. The plant came from Ching Hua Orchids, from Taiwan. The plant fell off the windowsill, so the stem snapped before the bud was fully opened. :mad: So this bloom developed in a vase. The bright side is...
  11. smartie2000

    Paph Magic Lantern x Norito Hasegawa

    The cross is Paph Magic Lantern ‘Red sunset’ x Norito Hasegawa ‘Vista Del Monte’ AM/AOS. I bought it from Orchid Inn. First blooming of this plant. So It is 25% delenatii, 25% micranthum 25% armeniacum and 25% malipoense. some of everything. The small size of the petals was unexpected. I am...
  12. smartie2000

    Paph. fairrieanum x Ruby Leopard

    I bought this one in bloom, Paph. fairrieanum x Ruby Leopard at our local show. It was shipped all the way from Japan, so the bloom may have been squished. I liked it because it has a large synsepal. Hopefully the future blooming will be better, this is not a perfect blooming. It has a second...
  13. smartie2000

    rooting rootless Paphs in flask possible?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has planted rootless paphs into an in-vitro agar flask? Some paphs just keep growing new leaves, rather than roots...and eventually just shrink in size. I am unfamiliar with Paph flasking, and how well paph roots from agar adapt into paph medium once out? I...
  14. smartie2000

    Phragmipedium pearcei (and an ecuadorense)

    Here is this year's blooming of my Phrag.pearcei. The plant didn't hold two blooms because of the sudden low humidity, so the first bloom dried up... and a link to a older blooming when my photography was poorer: Here is my...
  15. smartie2000

    Cycnoches cooperi x Cyc. Jean E. Monnier female flower

    The cross is Cycnoches cooperi ‘SVO III’ FCC/AOS x Cyc. Jean E. Monnier ‘SVO II’ HCC/AOS. I just got the plant last month, and this is its first blooming, a single female flower. I was hoping for more spots. The bloom deepens significantly as it matures, the the lip turns a deep yellow from a...
  16. smartie2000

    Phragmipedium Randy Macdonald Nov. 2010

    I know that this Phrag has been posted before, it has grown very large by now and very rewarding. This month it sent more flowers at once before. I have two spikes and one of the spikes branch. Since I didn't stake them so they arched together as it grew towards the windowsill light. Let your...
  17. smartie2000

    Two Phrag. Jason Fischer plant bloomings

    The first one is from Orchids Limited. This is its first blooming, and the cross is Phrag. Jason Fischer (besseae ‘Rick Hunter’ x Mem.Dick Clements ‘Red Wing’) There is more yellow in the bloom, but my camera is unable to capture that in this photo. haha I was carrying the plant at night, and my...
  18. smartie2000

    Phrag Tall Tails x Memoria Dick Clements

    The cross is Phrag Tall Tails ‘Tail-full’ x Memoria Dick Clements ‘Cardinal’. I bought it many years ago, and this is its first blooming. It isn't registered yet right?
  19. smartie2000

    Masdevallia floribunda ssp. tuerckheimii

    This my first self-earned Masdevallia blooming! :D I definitely recommend Masd. floribunda as a first Masd. since it did not drop its leaves as easily as my other masd. And it also reblooms its old spikes. Right now I grow it in my bathroom, sitting in water, within a glass vase with plastic...
  20. smartie2000

    picture diary of the division of my large Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens

    I said earlier this year that I would repot my Cyp. pubescens this fall. This is the plant this spring : I think it has been four years since the first potting. The purpose of the repot was to give more room for the plant to make new...