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  1. awesomei

    Large Phragmepidium seedlings for Sale

    You can order through Paypal or Ebay. You can email me what you are interested in and pay through PayPal. [email protected] George
  2. awesomei

    I am trying. But, can't seem to find a way???? George

    I am trying. But, can't seem to find a way???? George
  3. awesomei

    Good morning, Those are some mighty impressive Magic Lanterns. I have had several and killed...

    Good morning, Those are some mighty impressive Magic Lanterns. I have had several and killed them all. Are the any secrets to your success. I specialize in Phrags and Paphs. Would be interested in trading or selling one of you pots?? George Bogard
  4. awesomei

    Slipper ID and help please

  5. awesomei

    Slipper ID and help please

    Again, from your first photo, that is definitely a Phragmipedium. It is probably some besseae hybrid. One, due to the red color and two, due to the climbing nature of your plant. While phrags love to be continuously moist, I am afraid that mix will be too wet and promote root rot. as far as...
  6. awesomei

    parviflorum in the mountains

    Go to North east Texas. They have been reported there.
  7. awesomei

    Phrag QF Maria

    The plant was doing great, even after all those blooms. It even survived 35 F!!!!!
  8. awesomei

    Phrag QF Maria

  9. awesomei

    Phrag QF Maria

    My QF Maria was always a great bloomer. It bloomed sequentially last year for over 3 months producing over 40 blooms on a spike that was over 30 inches. As I said, earlier, no blooms this year.
  10. awesomei

    Phragmipedium Sorcerer's Apprentice

    My S.A. is a nice size pant, not huge. I won an AM with it last year. It is a very reliable bloomer. It now has 6 flowers on 2 spikes.
  11. awesomei

    Phrag QF Maria

    I almost lost my Maria due to our horrible freeze and power outage last Feb. It on has one leaf left. But, now it has put on 3 new division. So, hopefully with care and luck, I can save it! George
  12. awesomei

    Phragmipedium Majestic Tresses 'Franz' with Franz Glanz

  13. awesomei

    Phrag Don Wimber

    Thank you Kate, Yes, as Kate said I use both natural lite and strobes. I think that true, rich, sunlight really brings out all of the chromatophores in the flower. When I use strobes, they are always remote and diffused. Also reflector discs can really help, either with natural sunlight or...
  14. awesomei

    Phrag. Albopurpureum in bloom

  15. awesomei

    Phrag. Haley Decker

  16. awesomei

    Phrag. Bouley Bay

    I have 2 different Bouley Bay Plants. The older/larger has no clonal name. The younger/smaller is Cherry Run. My older plant bloomed back in January. My younger just open it's bloomed this week. Their flowers are about the same size, about 5 inches vertical from the tip of the dorsal sepal to...
  17. awesomei

    Phrag Calurium

    Eric, You should know no good Texan with mess with a NYC dude's small mind?????
  18. awesomei

    Phrag Calurium

    I have all of my phrags in trays with one inch of water. I took standard solid trays and melted howls in the side walls at 1 inch. Here are a few images of my Calurum. George
  19. awesomei

    yellow spots on a friend’s Phragmipedium Cardinale (?) leaves

    I have dozens of phrags.. I find this same sort of thing on many of my phrags. It never seems to kill the plants. But, it does look nasty. I think that it is a bacterial or fungal problem. So, I treat it as such with; excision of the affected tissue and peroxide, bensole peroxide, fungicides or...
  20. awesomei

    Phragmipedium Yelva Mihre ( Rosalie Dixler × Phragmipedium kovachii )

    Fantastic! First bloom. Mine has it's first bud!