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  1. aquacorps

    Japan Orchid Awards Help

    Paph Russ Palmer or Paph Russell Palmer was named in my honor. I understand it's been awarded a number of times in Japan. Can anyone post the awards info? (I no longer have Orchidwiz or any plants). Thanks rusty
  2. aquacorps

    black orchid movie

    Has anyone seen this movie? looks interesting and $15 USD is not too bad for a dvd.
  3. aquacorps

    Nick has new specials!!

    Nick updated his web site earlier today. I have over 100 of his plants already. have fun!!
  4. aquacorps

    Smith College Orchid Sale

    Smith is having a sale this week end. Rusty
  5. aquacorps

    Hangianums for sale in Florida

    Odom's Orchids in Florida has NBS plants for sale. I dont care for Parvi's, but I thought I would share the link. rusty
  6. aquacorps

    Paph Russ Palmer 'Gold Standard'

    I like this one the best [for now]. Little different from the others.
  7. aquacorps

    Paph Russ Palmer 'Berry Ice'

  8. aquacorps

    Another Spicerianum

  9. aquacorps

    Paph Optimus Prime --Complex

    Received as a gift [un-bloomed].
  10. aquacorps

    AOS membership-- Is it worth it?

    My AOS membership is up for renewal in a few months. Last night I looked at a recent copy of Orchids. It was mostly ads. I am really having a hard time thinking of any reasons to be a member of the AOS. Any thoughts? Rusty
  11. aquacorps

    CITES at work

    Pretty depressing video about Borneo.
  12. aquacorps

    Paph Forest Light

    First bloom seedling from the Orchid Zone.
  13. aquacorps

    Habenaria Cilliaris

    Took this at a local cemetery (Connecticut) today. Pretty interesting flower. Rusty
  14. aquacorps

    Death of an American hero -- Jesse Helms

    It is only fitting that an American hero like Jesse Helms would pass away on the fourth of July. I plan on naming my next cross in his honor. Rusty
  15. aquacorps

    Dollgoldi from ebay

    Bought on ebay in 2007. NS 19.6. Three new spikes developing.
  16. aquacorps

    Another teacup. Paph russ palmer

    Paph Russ Palmer was registered in 2008. It is Val Tonkin x Ice Castle. A few weeks ago a pygmy Paph Russ Palmer "little Giant" bloomed at the Orchid Zone. Leaf span is 13.5 cm; spread of flower: 9.5 cm; petal width: 4.9 cm. Rusty
  17. aquacorps

    Paph. Bellatrix

    Picked this up from Nick last year.
  18. aquacorps

    Paph Doll's Kolbold

    It is a cute flower.
  19. aquacorps

    Val Tonkin X Ice Castle

    VAL TONKIN X ICE CASTLE I like the pink tone.
  20. aquacorps

    What happened to Phrag?

    I miss his posts. Will he ever be returning? Found it odd that he is no longer listed as a member. He contributed a lot. Rusty