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    USPS outdone itself

    I sent a priority package from central Jersey on Monday 13th, to my sister in North Jersey, on the 14th it got to the Jersey city distribution center, there it sat for 5 days (14th, 15th,16th, 17th,18th) I called USPS to complaint, they moved it to Teterboro , the next facility on the 19th...
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    A favor request to my Slippertalk friends

    hi everyone , I wonder who do you think are the great paph growers in our slippertalk forum in the USA? I need some names and volunteers . The reason I ask is that back in May 2019 I made a cross of two dark godefroyae, and the cross is quite fertile. My Mom passed away last year, I hope you...
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    could anyone identify this?

    hi everyone, these plants recently popped up in the pots that I grow my non-orchid plants (outdoor) they seems to survive thru winter, no wilted nor died down . would anyone be able to identify them for me, thanks
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    Art study forward from a friend of mine

    01) Si tous les personnages ont de grosses fesses et des petits seins, "c'est du Rubens" If all the characters have big butts and small breasts, "it's Rubens"
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    Finally a white phrag

    does anyone see this one on ebay ?
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    selling a set of Paphiopedilum In Taiwan (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)

    I am selling a set of Paphiopedilum books which I bought preowned from another orchidist a few years ago. If you are interested in getting them let me know . I think the older volumes are harder to find, here is the chance for someone to get all the 4 older volumes together. I love to sell...
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    If he is a singer now, peoples would call him Slim Checker

    A Youtube ad popped up in the middle of something I was watching on you tube. Amazing, in the video back then, not one American had an ounce to spare , not only that Chubby Checker was pretty slim himself.
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    One pouch is not enough

    check out this phrag from Waldor still listed on ebay
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    Crazy shipping again

    I can never understand these shipping companies. I ordered something , from a seller who resides truly next town over (in New Jersey) from my town (in New Jersey). The seller sent the package via Fedex on Monday, first the Fedex tracking shows it will get to my door by 8 pm Wednesday. Then...
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    I hope friends in this forum will want to raise the baby plants from this hangianum

    I donated the seeds of the selfing of another Vietnamese orchid species last month to the Troy Meyers orchid conservatory. The good new is the conservatory emails me the seed assay report announcing that seeds appeared to have good embryos , by count 94% for this paphiopedilum hangianum that I...
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    plastic bark for mounting orchid

    today I saw at Ten-Shin garden (North Jersey orchid show) an orchid mounted on a piece of tree bark, about 3" wide, 7 or 8" length, 3/16" thick , slightly curve, turn out it is a black plastic piece that imitate wood with all the rough surface and a small stump on it , holes too. Does any one...
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    what do you think of this hangianum pricewise I won't bid on it, but wonder of everyone's opinion. this in flower plant starting bid was 99.99 but already running upward.
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    Priority definition

    Thanh from Springwater orchids sent me a package using priority mail early this week. He got it in the post office in Florida early at 9:50am Wednesday Dec 4th. The post office tracking said they will deliver it by 8:00pm Monday Dec 9th. How could the post office call their service priority...
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    OK, which two of you did this to each other !
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    dendrobium ochraceum

    This is dendrobium Ochraceum , an endemic vietnamese species, while recently, one can find them in Europe, it rarely seen in any US collection, may be not even in any collection , in fact I was asking every sellers, every growers at every shows ,and orchid nurseries for it for a long time...
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    My godefroyae & leucochilum

    This species is among my favorite ones. I took pictures of some of the blooms , other flowers were wilted by the time I received the plants, in that case I will have to use the photos from the sellers . You are welcome to check back from time to time, i will add more photos of new plants...
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    posting picture

    is there a way to post a photo directly as an attachment such as in the past without have to put your photos on a photo hosting site?
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    hi everyone, Tony (Let's talk plants & the tiny Jungle) just sent me an Email on the Hung Sheng orchids sale: he mentioned that order before May 5th will get 30% off the list price this is a promotion event (see the top left of the...
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    Question on usps tracking number

    I have a problem that maybe someone can explain for me I try to clear some old emails today 03/25/2019 Some how an old ebay email comes up announcing I won a flask and to pay (a 2007 Mem Larry Heur that I won) Because I don't think I ever potting any of Mem Larry Heur flask out. neither any...
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    Taiwan orchids through Let talk plants & Tiny Jungles

    I just received an email from Tony, apparently, let talk plants & Tiny Jungles now could & would provide you orchid plants from the fame Hung-Sheng (Bear) orchids of Taiwan. Finally, no more salivating at beautiful Hungsheng paphs, those blooms are within our reach...