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    sphag and bag or electric propagater?

    Hiya, I have a small fairrieanum seedling and a small division of what I believe may be a hybrid of appletonianum (will have to double check the label). They're both in bark/charcoal/perlite, 75% humidity, around 18-20 celcius temps. They're both tiny and looking ill....they don't look...
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    Rootless paph division growing roots!

    Hiya, a while ago I was repotting what I think is a paph Leeanum and a division broke off. Didn't know what to do so I stuck it back in the pot. It stayed alive but nothing happened with the roots for a while. I was told at another slipper forum that it wont produce roots as it has nothing to...
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    What are my plants telling me?

    Hiya, I'm not sure what this means really. My Easter Cacti have always lost a leaf segment or two every now and then since I've had them, but over the last month or so they've been aborting large sections of stems. I just come home to find 3 or 4 leaf segments on the floor. They are both in...
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    Sophronitis Coccinea, UK

    Hiya, I'm looking for this one in UK if anyone knows where I can get hold of it. Thanks.
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    Pale, Marked leaves on paph

    Hiya, I'm at work right now so can't post a picture but will try to do it tonight. Basically I have 3 paphs, a couple of them Leeanums, and another similar hybrid. When I bought them, they had mid green, floppy leaves. Last year they were in good light and watering was erratic, however...
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    Fern Identity

    Hiya. Saw this at Chelsea.....does anyone know what kind of fern it is? Thanks,
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    Just Bought Mokala Chark Kuan

    just bought this. Been watching it for ages....and i'm sooooo happy i won this. It's stunning I think. So what do you guys suggest in terms of care. I've got a hook on the ceiling near...
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    Hiya! Humidity question again. Hav tried to search this on the forum and can't find anything. As I'm still trying to find a reliable way of raising humidity around my orchids in the flat. Do you know if an atomiser will work? I bought this from a gift shop originally just as a fun thing...
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    Recovering P Bulbs

    Hiya, I have an oncidium NOID I believe that I bought about a year ago from the eden project. As I didn't know much about watering, and I knew I have a habit of over watering things, I repotted it into a thin, tall clay pot with orchid compost i bought from the garden centre. I watered it...
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    My Set Up

    Bought a bookshelf for my new flat, as you can see, not many shelves :D I have 3 slippers, including 2 Leeanums, A bog standard Zygopetalum, A bit Odontoglossum of some sort, a couple of small Oncidiums. Then I've got a Tillandsia, a fern, a peace lilly with some maranta like plants. I've got...
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    Vendors at Chelsea 2008?

    Hi! I've absolutely no idea where to post this so apologise in advance if it's in the wrong section. Any idea which vendors will be at the flower show this year? and if I might be able to view their catalogue on the net or by post before hand? I've tried the RHS website, but can't find any...
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    Paphiopedilum Leeanum

    Just a very basic one that I picked up for £2.50 from a garden centre and it was on it's last legs. it's flowered 3 times I think in 2 years since then. not the greatest photos but I was just messing about with the macro setting on my camera.
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    Watering after re-potting.

    Hiya, OK i've just repotted my three paphs. Leeanums and a Lathamianum (as identified by you lovely people). What I'm wondering is when to water them. Do it water it straight away, or should i be leaving it for any period of time before watering? and Also when i do intend to water it...
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    Would you help me identify these?

    they're the only slippers i have, i'm a novice yes hehe and anyone know care tips?
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    Humidity Tray material?

    Hiya, I'm new to growing orchids really so bare with me. I've bought some trays and stuff to create humidity around my orchids. I wanted to use expanded clay pellets but they're way outta my price range, but ofcourse i don't want to deny them moisture due to lack of funds! so i was...
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    Any slippers in UK?

    Hiya, I'm new to growing orchids of any kind, but I've had the most success with paphs, which is a good thing because they're my favs! i don't have access to many garden centres of anything so i just buy whatever is around in the supermarkets etc. I'm looking to really start growing some...