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    Cymbidium Golden Elf 'Sundust'

    That is a very nice flowering. The scent sold me as well. It's the only Cymbidium I have left because of it's size. Shaun
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    Vuylstekeara Chuck Perry ‘Pacific Twilight’ HCC/AOS

    Very nice, I love the intergenerics. Shaun
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    C. purpurata var. striata

    Like others I said Oohh! when I saw the picture. Very nice. Shaun
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    Masdevallia goliath

    Is this one a sequential bloomer like princeps Shaun
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    Cyp passerinum

    Here's a few more shots (I wore a bug jacket this time) Pinguicula vulgaris (I think). I grow a few Pings with my orchids but did'nt recognize these until Kevin asked. Shaun
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    Cyp passerinum

    Aghh, the bugs are horrible this year, hard to get a shot when your flailing around like madman. I'm trying to stand back and lean in a bit to stay away from the plants. Then I turn and run back to my truck. Cyp passerinum Sub-arctic boreal habitat with millions of round leaf orchids...
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    Masdevallia princeps

    Another thing I love about this species (besides the size and beauty) is it's ability to bloom sequentially for years. My last spike just gave up after it's twelfth flower (took about 2.5 years). Shaun
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    Paph. stonei

    Cool, I have one too, perhaps if I swivel my monitor around and make threatening comments about compost mine will bloom (I know there is no substitute for proper culture and time). Good job. Shaun
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    Water droplets inside Phrag bloom -is this normal?

    I noticed droplets inside the bud of my Phrags bloom too. No damage upon opening. Shaun
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    Phrag Chuck Acker

    It 'puffed up' a bit more after a few days. This bloom is very much what I hoped for, next something with heavy bess influence. Shaun
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    Phrag Chuck Acker

    My only Phrag finally bloomed probably due to my new t-5's. I've had more Catt blooms with better light too. It just opened. Shaun
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    Orchid Society of Alberta 2010 Show Photos

    Thanks for sharing, I couldn't go this year because I'm headed for Jamaica next weekend. I was hoping for some of Forestview Gardens complex (like Lippewunder) maybe I'll find species mini-flasks in Jamaica to tide me over. Shaun
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    A few In Situ Orchids in Costa Rica (Picture Heavy)

    Nice to see something different from the snow outside my door. Those seed pods do add an extra dimension to the plants in the wild. My family is going to Jamaica in March, hopefully a few local orchids are blooming then. Shaun
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    Masdevallias Galore

    Nice collection of blooming Masdevallias! Shaun
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    Paph phillipinense var roebellinii

    I've always preferred roebelenii myself and this one is a beautiful example. Shaun
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    Paphiopedilum Smokestack Lightning

    Very nice, I'd love to have complex with that coloration. Shaun
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    I love the exotic Disa flowers but I haven't felt up to the challenge yet. Nice job on the flowers pity that the plant didn't survive. Zephyrus was carrying Disa's (not in catalog now) and Orchids Canada (John M?) may have them sometimes. I'd like to try them in a ebb and flow type hydroponic...
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    This morning's beauty

    That is a beautiful flower, too bad about the fragrance though. Only some sites list L. skinnerii as being fragrant. I hope mine is but it will be awhile before I find out. Shaun
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    Paph Yi-Ying Firefox

    Update on my first to bloom complex. Cupped in shape (inconsistent humidity?) and a bit muddy in coloration but I still like it. I never was expecting to fly out to a judging centre with it. I also have a P. Yi-Ying Golden Slipper in low bud (this one won't bloom until 2010). Without flash...
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    Masd. polysticta

    I love the multifloral Masdevallias (dreams of hybridizing for more colors). I have a M. caloptera (possibly mislabelled) and I don't think I've had previously flowered spikes rebloom (I may have cut them too soon). Is yours fragrant at all, mine unpleasantly smells like a downtown alley - stale...