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    Paph. roth x Chiu Hua Dancer -disappointing flower

    check for bugs. That is a problem in my greenhouse. It only takes one mealy bug to suck the life out of the bud. You need to use a magnifier to see the small juvenile forms.
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    Paph. acmodontum

    You can cut the rhizome and just do not disturb the roots. That should allow a new plant to start on both pieces. Some Kelp Max could help as well. You are dividing the plant with out re-potting it.
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    ID please

    check out side 5 in OrchidWiz 7.2 under Paph. Lowii. The spots look similar. The label on the photo says Tropical Exotique. I agree that it is not a standard lowii. Could it be a tetraploid? It looks more robust than some other plants.
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    yellow spots on a friend’s Phragmipedium Cardinale (?) leaves

    I would repot the orchid and give it more water. The leaf tips should not be dying. It could also be hungry. The new leave look small. Dust the cut surfaces of the leaves with cinnamon or bordeux mix.
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    Paph leaf issue, next episode: gratrixianum

    this is an excellent source of information about leaf problems.
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    My recent new aquisitions! Genera benders..... need help / suggestions on getting them to bloom.....

    The leaves are a beautiful dark green. It can indicate the plants are starved for enough photons. Brighter light, closer or longer duration of electrical light could help. Too heavy shade cloth or dirty windows, if growing in a greenhouse can be the reason. If you can measure the light they...
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    Yellow spots on thecopus maingayi

    I suggest that you unpot the plant. It looks like the media is stale, (not enough air) and your roots are probably bad. The white spots look like bugs to me. Mealy bugs (soft scale) goes through 3 instars before it becomes an adult. You will need a magnifying lens to see them in all their...
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    Variegated or nutrient deficient?

    I am glad your plants are improving. I have a similar problem and have given an emergency dose of norwegian saltpeter (Calcium Nitrate) along with epsom salts. 1 tbl spoon per gallon each. I also have increased the amount of fertilizer injected with my watering. I have removed my shade cloth...
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    Variegated or nutrient deficient?

    I would gently take the plant out of the pot and see what is really going on with the roots. It looks good but perhaps there is a problem. If there are bad roots they can not absorb the nutrients that you are applying. I use both Epsom salts (for mg) and Plaster of Paris for (Calcium and...
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    Phragmipedium leaf issues

    My phrags are enjoying the potting mix that Ray described. Gro-dan and large sponge rock, half and half. I would urge you to try that for your phrags. Of course, use the K-lite fertilizer with ro water if you have it. Correct potting solves many problems.
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    Best place to buy shade cloth?

    I recommend a 60% aluminet shade cloth. That goes along with my triple wall poly-carbonate roof. That has 80 % transmission. You do have to consider the entire sandwich. I take the shade cloth off for the months of Nov. Dec. Jan. The angle of the sun is low enough so the plants do not get...
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    Strange twisted leaves and ridges on Paph. Hung Sheng Bay

    Adding on to the above message. It could also be that the calcium is precipitating out of your fertilizer mix. The university of Michigan fertilizer does have calcium in it, but if it is mixed too strong the calcium can turn to rock (limestone) and become unavailable to the plants. So the...
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    Strange twisted leaves and ridges on Paph. Hung Sheng Bay

    In my collection, those leaves would be showing a shortage of Calcium at the leaves. Calcium is needed every day by the plant. It does not move from the old leaves to the new leaves. Now you need to discover the reason that calcium is lacking at the leaves. It could be bad roots. It could...
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    Cattleya perrinii ‘Suwada’ HCC/AVN

    I did not find anything on Orchid Wiz. Perhaps a typo?
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    Paphiopedilum victoria-regina

    On some of my plants the brown leaf tips are caused by a shortage of calcium. The plant needs it every day for cell growth. It is not trans-located from old leaves to the new leaves. Your rain water and RO water may be short on calcium and or magnesium. First Rays K-Lite fertilizer has cal...
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    LaCrosse wireless weather station fail

    Ambient remote equipment uses 915 MHz to connect to the base station. You can buy and connect up to 8 Thermometers - Hygrometers, in addition to the rain gauge, wind speed and direction. distance for reception is from 100 to 300 feet. Metal buildings will block the signal. Enjoy...
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    LaCrosse wireless weather station fail

    Hi, In my greenhouse I use the Ambient weather station 2000. It allows me to monitor the temperature at 6 different locations, along with rain fall and wind. I like it because I can monitor my greenhouse conditions while traveling. It uses an app...
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    Greenhouse construction

    I think the most important concept in a greenhouse is energy conservation. Use triple wall poly-carbonate for the roof not just double wall. Seal the air leaks. I used 2x6 treated southern yellow pine for the rafters (2 feet on center) and the wall studs (4 feet on center). My knee wall is...
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    Very early planning for a greenhouse

    My greenhouse walls are double glass sliding windows, 4 x 5 feet. three feet knee walls below the windows. My wife insisted on being able to see the view, not just vague shapes that poly-carbonate allows. Sliders do not take up any interior space when open. I then use a heat shrink inside...
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    Very early planning for a greenhouse

    I am describing my greenhouse for the benefit of all the readers not just the person starting this discussion. Your mileage may vary. My greenhouse in Columbia Missouri is roofed with triple wall 16mm poly-carbonate. I use 60% Aluminet shade cloth laying on the roof for nine months of the year...