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    just a survey

    Hi All what is the pricing you will consider buying this paph- 5 plants in a package deal. Sorry no pic at this point. Your kind input will help the Seller set the final product on ebay. All plants listed are either selfing or crossing either with an older divison or single fan. 1) helenae BS...
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    Paphiopedilum thainanum culture

    Hi there any one have detail & culture notes to share on this species? Thanks a million
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    SANGII VS sangii var ayubianum

    just came to know there are such a var in paph sangii family - and was introduce by Ayub and descript by Olaf Gruss.... unable to get much information..... can some one pls adv?
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    KOLOPAKINGII VS kolopakingii var topperii

    How different are P.kolopakingii and kolopakingii var topperii can some one pls adv?
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    what is this paph?

    Can you advise what is the name of this paph? got it from an old timer who was moving, and he was about to quit orchid growing.......
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    Paph liemianum

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    Paph wenshanese

    Recent bloom