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  1. J

    Paph Hilo Black Eagle 'Dolly Dagger' AM/AOS

    Congratulations, a well deserved award. The blooms are awesome!
  2. J

    Phragmipedium Ecuagenera Dream

    Pyle looks identical to our Jazzie, no longer part of our family, but not to be forgotten!
  3. J

    Phrag Stephen Manza

    Beautiful! I haven’t tried phrags yet, must give them a try!
  4. J

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Stephen' FCC/AOC

    Congratulation,an awesome plant & blooms. Certainingdeserving of the judges award!
  5. J

    Paph. henryanum

    So beautiful! What I wish for in a Henry is a bloom!
  6. J

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    Love this bloom, the lip is stunning! Lueddemaniana is my personal fav among cattleyas. (Dang auto correct always changes the C word into cattleman’s. Amusing for me since that’s my husbands title!)
  7. J

    A Trio of Paphs

    Love the thaianum!!! So sweet! Happy to see spicerianums start blooming. the only one of the three that I’m growing.
  8. J

    Cattleya forbesii " Hotzheit x Goldlip"

    OMG, I love this Catt. The clean, elegant shape and that lip, in the words of my beloved Aunt, is “to die for”!
  9. J

    Phal. violacea f coerulea

    High Dessert Orchids has nice plants and fair shipping. But I don’t care for the on-line auction type sales. I’ll have to watch Big Leaf!
  10. J

    Goodyera pubescens

    Where in Pa. is this? I have a sister in Allentown and her daughter lives in the Pocono Mtns..
  11. J

    Phal. violacea f coerulea

    Absolutely lovely and scent too……a nice thought, especially after learning of dental. Procedures in my near future!
  12. J

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum forma smaragdinum

    An awesome bloom! I’m simply WOWed!
  13. J

    Phalaenopsis (syn Doritis) pulcherrima var. marmorata

    Thx for the response! I’ll just keep pestering you periodically hoping for a kieki,
  14. J

    Phalaenopsis (syn Doritis) pulcherrima var. marmorata

    An old post, I know. Peter do you by any chance have plants of this species for sale?
  15. J

    Cattleya Bob Betts 'White Lightning'

    I want to show this plant to my Bob Bettes, maybe it’ll know what it’s .supposed to be doing!!!
  16. J

    So happy to be here

    Welcome! I too am new to growing paphs, haven’t even tried phrags! So much info shared here!
  17. J

    Magic Lantern

    I like the paler coloration best also!
  18. J

    Paphiopedilum niveum

    Love this, must shop for one!
  19. J

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    Love your Helenae! The solid yellow dorsal is beautiful! Is there a varietal name for this color?
  20. J

    Paph. Herrmannii

    I love this one. Grew one to bs, then goofed and let it get sunburned. Now I should try getting another!