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  1. J

    Cypripedium erwinia treatment?

    I was told that my paphiopedilum dianthum probably had this problem and it was a Paph killer! I treated it with Dragon’s blood a week ago ad the base of the leaves are dry. Will it help to remove those leaves And repot the plant? Or is it hopeless to save the plant?
  2. J

    Dosage query re: AzaMax

    just received a small bottle of AzaMax and have query regarding the dosage. If I’m understanding I’m to use 2 tsp per gallon?? If that is correct my small bottle will not last long at all! I’m trying to rid a couple paphs of mites, other plants of scale.
  3. J

    Where to cut bloom from plant?

    I want to remove this wounded bloom to give the second bud all of the plant’s energy. Cut right behind the top of bloom or just above the sarong? I just don’t want to cause damage to the forming bud!
  4. J

    Hoping for an ID, only half of tag

    We're getting ready for a show, this plant tag only reads...??????ebug HCC/AOS x ??????ch Flat 'Ocelot' Bloom is a nice large 'Churchill type' flower and unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo of it.....we were so busy last night. It's a lovely plant owned by one of our newest...