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    My hope for a dark.....

    Bought in 2007 and was marked as dark x dark. Hope it will really have a nice color and won't blast. Otherwise I will have to wait for next bloom few more years... The fern arrived together with the plant as a tiny roots with small bud between the paph's roots and I didn't through it away. Looks...
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    My purpuratum

    First time bloomer. Hope to see it soon.
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    Venustum blooming questions

    I bought it few years ago, I don't remember exactly when. Probably, in 2006. It was NBS or BS already. But it has never bloomed for me. It is growing and growing new leaves continuously and at the moment has excellent roots and 7 mature leaves but I would like to see flowers too. It grows on the...
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    I was sorting out my photos and found this progression photos I didn't show you last year. So, it is not "new" but still a show that I look through while waiting for a new growth to become BS. It is a really long wait, may be 3 or 4 more years till I see it in bloom again.
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    My countdown...

    Soon, soon, soon........ :smitten: The answer is more than obvious, but nevertheless guess - what is it?
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    Scary paph...

    This paph specie has 2 year long strange story, but I will tell it later. First, please tell me what do you think about this spot? The color on the photo is accurate. It is really the color of the blood.
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    Made me wait soooooooo long

    The bud showed up in April. It is October now and finally it is opening. Actually, it is a second day of opening and the plant is not in a hurry at all..... Paph. bellatulum x sib ('Red on Red' x 'Gigantic' AM/AOS)
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    "Variety of concolor" argument

    Couple of days ago I came across this variety of concolor. The seller (private person, small orchid dealer) claim it is the concolor var. chedi-sam-ongensis But, as far as I know, there is no such official concolor variety ( I double checked in the Kew database and in the Averyanov's book) ...
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    Mexi "Windy Hills" HCC/AOS

    First of all, I'd like to say big "THANK YOU" to Heather who inspired me to buy this plant and who helped me with advices when it appeared to be without proper roots upon arrival. The flowers open sequentially, I counted four (past bloom, present bloom and two more buds) at the moment on the one...
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    Need advice with venustum

    Hello, I need your opinion about this Paph venustum. I have bought this plant two years ago. It was NBS. All this time it grew well. Last time I've repotted was on 5th of February 2008. The roots were OK. I didn't make a photo during repotting, but I'm sure it had more than one root at that...
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    Looking for photo of concolor "Concord"

    Does anybody have this clone or its photo? Is it really multifloral and can be considered as var. regnieri? Found nothing about this clone in the Internet. :confused:
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    Paph. concolor x sib ('Spotty' x 'Dudley Ott' AM/AOS)

    It's a first time bloomer. And it is my first bloom of the paph specie. Sorry for many photos. It is always a problem for me to make a nice photo of the plant. So, I'm very proud of myself because this time I needed only five photo sessions to make decent photos that I can show on public. :)
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    Paph. vietnamense var.alba question

    No photos, unfortunately. Just wanted to know if somebody knows something about this variety of the paph. vietnamense. I didn't find any photo. :confused:
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    Lava rock

    I use lava rock as a component for paph potting medium. And I love it. But it is quite hard to find thing in my area and it is very expensive. My question is - how can I treat the pieces of lava rock in order to eliminate the salt built and to reuse it? Is it possible?
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    Mexi is trying to escape

    My mexi has recovered from the root loss. But now it is trying to escape from the pot. It started to grow stolon and its tip is at the edge of the pot now. I was believing it stops earllier and starts the new growth within the pot. But it didn't. I can't bend it and it is not deep in the potting...
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    Need advice with bessae

    I've received bessae yesterday. The thing that I don't like is that the leaves are all curled along the edges. Is it due to dehydration? I've checked the roots and all of them had dead ends. I cutted the dead parts and planted it in S/H. The plant has 7 small new growths and I hope for the new...
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    Need advice

    Today I've noticed on my delenatii something strange. It looks like some cells at the surface of the leaf has dried out. The color of the leaf hasn't change and from beneath it looks absolutely healthy. So, there is no colour change, but just at this area the leaf is thinner than at the other...
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    Question about vendor

    I'm not sure where to go with this question, so I'm asking here. I need a light meter and all light meters that I can find around are too complicated and expensive (over 200 dollars). I have found this web site What can you say about this...
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    My mexipedium, just got it!

    I've finally got my first mexipedium xerophyticum 'Windy Hill' :smitten: It has one but healthy and almost BS growth. Photos will be later. :)