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  1. J

    Compact Stonei

    I got this compact stonei that has only about 16-18 in leaf spread with small flowers, which is great for the space I have. Is this a compact form of the species or will the plant / flowers get bigger over time? Wanted to get the expert opinions.
  2. J

    P Roth “Charles Edwards”

    My wife and I were at the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday in spite of the rain. Nice surprise which made it worthwhile was to see the historic Charles E clone from the US Botanic Garden on display.
  3. J

    Pair of Paph Philippinense

    Pair of philippinenses. I particularly like the compact size of the plants. While the petals are not as long as I was hoping for, the regular form is about 13-14 inches leafspan. The album is only about 8 or 9 inches total leafspan.
  4. J

    First Bloom Paph Haynaldianum

    Hi, Here’s my first bloom from ‘Ron’ x ‘High Color’. Would be great to see how others look like to see the range of variation.