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  1. Yoyo_Jo

    Post for new system check

    I was able to opt out of ads just fine. Was just wondering if the daily emails I'm getting called "Yesterday's Forum Activities" are temporary or if I need to opt out of that too, and if so, where is that feature? Thanks, new forum looks great. I like that you can "like" someone's comment; as...
  2. Yoyo_Jo

    My Cypripedium parviflorum Woodcut artwork

    That's gorgeous, Fren. I was at the show in St. Albert, but didn't see your work. Sorry to have missed it in person.
  3. Yoyo_Jo

    How's the weather?

    Ya, I was thinking that this morning when I heard the news. 1.3 metres of snow and more to come. omg. :eek:
  4. Yoyo_Jo

    Chasing a Shadow

    I see your photography journey continues...fabulous shots. Makes me want to go there myself. :clap:
  5. Yoyo_Jo

    Cat. aclandiae

    Jealous. I don't have any luck blooming aclandiae or hybrids of it. Yours is lovely. :)
  6. Yoyo_Jo

    The person below me game......

    False, TPBY doesn't even know what Pinus radiata bark is...:eek: TPBM hasn't posted on ST much recently, but still lurks occasionally.
  7. Yoyo_Jo

    Caulocattleya Chantilly Lace

    Those are lovely!
  8. Yoyo_Jo

    Flask importation to Canada

    This may be a dumb idea, but both Ten Shin and Ching Hua are coming to our show in Calgary in June this year. Any chance they might be able to bring Hung Sheng flasks in to Canada for you? Not sure if the Taiwan guys help each other out or not...
  9. Yoyo_Jo

    A new purchase...

    That color is stunning. No wonder you couldn't resist it. :)
  10. Yoyo_Jo

    How's the weather?

    About 15C here right now and pouring rain. But it was 40C this past Tuesday! :eek: I've lived here all my life and I don't remember it ever being that hot.:evil:
  11. Yoyo_Jo

    Japanese Tree Peony in Bloom

    Whole plant: New blooms today: This peony is not hardy here. I cover it in mulch for the winter and this past winter I also protected it with a little Styrofoam rose hut.
  12. Yoyo_Jo

    Announcing my engagement

    Congratulations Michel! All the best to you and your lady. :)
  13. Yoyo_Jo

    Japanese Tree Peony in Bloom

    So I managed to overwinter my tree peony again, and this year it will have three blooms. Hurrah! I planted it in 2007 and it only bloomed one other time for me, in 2009. It smells delicious. Did I mention the blooms are enormous?
  14. Yoyo_Jo

    Cattleya Korat Spots 'Green Spot'

    A division from John M of Orchids Canada last year. Smells divine. :D
  15. Yoyo_Jo

    How's the weather?

    Hopefully seeing the end of the rain by tomorrow. Terrible flooding here, like nothing that's ever happened here in my life time. Nearly 100,000 had to evacuate from their homes in our city and southern part of the province because of the flooding. I live up on a ridge at the edge of the city...