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  1. xlavandula

    Sneak peak of Paphiopedilum leucochilum

    Hi everyone. The self-watering system I use is made by lechuza, a German brand. It consists of 2 pots. In one there is the plant, in the other is the water. Both pots are conntected by a thread that transports the water. Usually I fill half of the water reservoir. I own every variety of the...
  2. xlavandula

    Sneak peak of Paphiopedilum leucochilum

    Hi there. Here I have a little sneak peak of my Paphiopedilum leucochilum for you. It grows in a selfwatering pot.
  3. xlavandula

    Nursery Paphiopedilum Europe

    Try Popow, Asendorfer and Großräschen Orchideenzuch. And the "new" Shop from Cramer Orchideen.
  4. xlavandula

    first flower of Paph. delenatii

    It is the first flower of my delenatii. The flower is few weeks old but hold pretty good. I have all my paphios in self-watering system.
  5. xlavandula

    A few new Brachy-hybrids from my collection

    Very nice flowers. I love the second one.
  6. xlavandula

    Peek-A-Boo Vinnie the Venustum

    Your venustum ua awesome 😍
  7. xlavandula

    Hello from a new member from Northern California.

    Welcome from Germany ☺ The lips looks for me like chin. Because of that I named my micranthum after Stan from American Dad ;D
  8. xlavandula

    Crazy appletonianum

    I took it out. And see you a new growth point? When the bud blast it is not so tragic. It living is all that matters
  9. xlavandula

    Crazy appletonianum

    I have all my paphiopediums and phragmipediums in mineral substrate in a self-watering system and have had good experience with it so far. My Phrag bessae had made 4 flowers and now a new growth.
  10. xlavandula

    Crazy appletonianum

    Hi, there. On my last order from Hilmar, I got a little present - Paph. wolterianum var. alba. I have it now for a half year and hope it will bloom soon. But now I have seen that it has turned brown. What do you think?