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  1. xiiicerbera

    Strange Greyi

    I bought this as Paph. Greyi a few months ago. In early February it started to bud and about a week ago it opened! It's still somewhat cupped, but loosely measured, it's about 6cm across on a ~13cm leafspan. I know all Greyis are different, but this just does not look like any other example of...
  2. xiiicerbera

    Orange spots on maudiae leaves

    I gave it a shot, but unfortunately the entirety of the foliage has gone spotty by this point. I'm very disappointed about losing this plant, but I'm glad it at least managed to open its bud most of the way. Next time I'll have to be more careful about what I'm bringing home and more vigilant...
  3. xiiicerbera

    Orange spots on maudiae leaves

    Thank you, I'm brand new to these beauties and just want to do right by them. Not off to a great start here, but at least the barbatum I got at the same show seems happy and unaffected.
  4. xiiicerbera

    Orange spots on maudiae leaves

    Thanks, I'll give the cinnamon powder a shot later tonight -- I certainly don't have much to lose at this point as the lesions are now spreading to the third leaf. :( Silver lining, maybe there'll be room for a new and healthier show acquisition come January. I have it in the indirect zone of a...
  5. xiiicerbera

    Orange spots on maudiae leaves

    Hello! Does anyone recognize these lesions? I got this maudiae-type paph at a show in early November. The spotting on the first leaf began almost almost immediately, but I chalked it up to mechanical injury from the trip home, as it had some cracking around the midrib. Now it's spread to a...