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    A message from Wogga

    Irelands been a sheer blast! Heading off to Amsterdam tomorrow to uh, do research... on botany, yeah, research on botany! Thats my story and im stickin to it! will keep updated. hope everyones doing well!! If there are any ST'ers in amsterdam whod like to meet up for tea or lunch give me a ring...
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    anyone care to comment?...

    Ill bring my tubesock full of quarters...
  3. Wogga

    I'm pretty sure Matt Gore never sleeps.

    Matt - can we start a PS contest with pictures of you? Ive got a good idea for one of the ones i saw of you.
  4. Wogga

    Lepanthes pics

    Ron, Turkey - ive totally got telepogoniflora envy!
  5. Wogga

    Does this exist?(",)

    haha! good luck. make sure you only sell clones though, or your cash crop will only come in once! :rollhappy:
  6. Wogga

    I'm pretty sure Matt Gore never sleeps.

    The site is only down because Matt Gore spent too much time online, and his radioactive aura fried the server. Matt Gore is so strong he can make a weight that even God cant lift, then he lifts it.
  7. Wogga

    Strange things are happening!

    Matt Gore would scare the plant into growing properly. And if that didnt work, he would pee on it, and it would become so fertile that it would immediately bloom. Such is the word of Gore.
  8. Wogga

    Does this exist?(",) theres an alba C. ovalis. I couldnt find an alba form of fimbriata
  9. Wogga

    I'm pretty sure Matt Gore never sleeps.

    I remember one time i got caught in the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny. all of a sudden, mr rogers roundhouse kicked godzilla, and was shortly thereafter dealt a mean load of shaq fu. shag was quickly beheaded/bespined by chuck norris, who proceeded to sip the marrow from shaqs spinal...
  10. Wogga

    I'm pretty sure Matt Gore never sleeps.

    Matt Gore is so fast he can run around the earth and punch himself in the back of the head. Matt Gore is the reason waldo is hiding. Matt Gore can slam a revolving door. Ive seen it. It was mindblowing. When Matt Gore does a pushup, hes not pushing his body up, hes pushing the Earth down...
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    I'm pretty sure Matt Gore never sleeps.

    Did I ever tell you about the time Bill Brasky, er... Matt Gore took me out to go get a drink with him? We go off looking for a bar and we can't find one. Finally Gore takes me to a vacant lot and says, 'Here we are.' We sat there for a year and a half — until sure enough, someone constructs a...
  12. Wogga

    Paph lowii

    Wow! that is truly fantastic. lowii is one of my favorites, and this is the coolest one ive seen. Great growing!
  13. Wogga

    I'm in the wrong profession....

    haha, this whole thing cracks me up! and gonewild, id say collecting a petrified dinosaur bone is wholely justifiable. i can, however, go into my back yard and find a rock with lichens growing on it anytime...
  14. Wogga

    Help on bettas

    Just build a nice big tank with a bunch of female bettas in it, all the conditions maintained, good rocks and plants etc, and put the two males in together. whichever one is tougher gets to mate with all the femaleses, and will truly feel like hes accomplished something in life. :D
  15. Wogga

    Postcards from Ireland

    Yeah sorry about the in and out stuff. My life has been completely unscheduled lately, and i got a cat, and ive got new roommates moving in, etc etc. It seems that about twice a year my life just becomes ridiculously hectic for a bit, then it calms back down to normal. Hopefully soon!