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    My most favorite

    I am a sucker for Tolumnias.
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    Petition Aims to Protect Famed Ghost Orchids Under Endangered Species Act

    If they want to stop it going extinct they should breed it like crazy and sell the seedlings. Once nursery plants are cheaper than poached plants the poaching problem is solved. They do not seem difficult to grow. I got some deflasked seedlings a while back and transitioned them to epiweb last...
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    Paphiopedilum insigne stable mutant plant

    Have any crosses been made into other species/hybrids to see if it is heritable? I would think a cross with venestum would be very interesting. I think the academic designations are for wild forms. But you would have no issue with giving this a cultivar name such as Paphiopedilum insigne Thanatos.
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    Stanhopea reichenbachiana

    The plastic tag idea is genius! Thanks for sharing.
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    B nodosa ‘mas major’ buds

    I'm surprised the pine bark mix is tolerating the water. I put a rock or chunk of Styrofoam in the bottom of the yoghurt tub to keep the pot above water while the roots wander about.
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    B nodosa ‘mas major’ buds

    Thanks Charles, what is the substrate? Bark or stone?
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    B nodosa ‘mas major’ buds

    Merry Christmas! Can you please show us more of the plant and how it is potted. I have also taken to baskets suspended in yoghurt tubs with some water to keep the humidity up around the wandering roots of several orchids.
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    Dimorphorchis lowii, D. rossii, other 3 species

    Yes please! I tried Vandas in water culture and it was a total failure.
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    Got one this year too. Mine from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. Unboxing was like a reunion with an old friend. For me, back south Africa, these would grow in pure large chunk crushed clay brick. Even tiny pieces that would break off during reporting would grow. So, that said, a more open mix...
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    Paph Lorraine’s Pride - deformed flower

    Never mind variety, there is the novelty value. I would love a division.
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    Paph Lorraine’s Pride - deformed flower

    Reminds me of a Dracula. Certainly one to take to judging if but only for a good laugh. A keeper for sure.
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    paph helenae + thaianum help?

    I used to grow thaianum in small, 5 cm, clay pots in crushed brick (no organics) and would flush the pot daily. I would fertilize with seagrow. They did well. Killed my first helenae so can't offer advice there.
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    Paphs 😊 henryanum, moquettianum, and fairrieanum

    Nice Maurice type. In future let the spike develop and begin to open before spiking. Then the flower will face forward or up instead of down.
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    green pod maturation times

    Thanks Mike!