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    Very nice paph. curtisii...
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    Odd paph. callosum var sublaeve

    I know what you are looking for, I have looked, none!
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    Odd paph. callosum var sublaeve

    This plant came in as paph. callosum var. sublaeve from northern Malaysia peninsular. They are the smallest plant amoung all the paph callosum. This plant is the odd one out, as the others within the group are of typical var. sublaeve, warts on the upper part of the petals.
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    Paph. argus

    Paph. argus
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    Paph. haynaldianum

    Paph. haynaldianum
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    Odd paph. callosum var sublaeve

    What do you think of this?
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    Paph. thaianum

    Thanks! People
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    Paph. thaianum

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    Paph. superbiens

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    Paph. argus

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    Paph. violascens

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    Paph. adductun

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    Paph. victoria-mariae

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    Some Paph. venustum

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    Paph. venustum "orange red"