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    Some picture of P. kovachii to make you sick :)

    From my experience, this region is always extremely wet. Now, during the summer, ''sometime'' their is a sunny day an temperature are generallly a few degrees higher. During the winter, never seen a day without rain. It is always surprising to see some Phragmipedium species (e.g. kovachii...
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    Some picture of P. kovachii to make you sick :)

    Yes it felt very cold when we were there. I believe day temperatures are around 20C and night at 12C. On the other hand we live in Tarapoto which is 300m above sea level in the Amazon so it felt very cold particularly for us. We are in T-shirt in the pictures because 1)all our other clothes...
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    Some picture of P. kovachii to make you sick :)

    These pictures were taken during our last population assessment, always a splendor. Even if we try to keep ourselves professional and have done this type of assessment multiple times, a full blooming population of Kovachii always steal a smile. Here Cesar and Jose Marco taking is...
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    Phrag. Andean Tears weird discoloration

    I was too under the impression it might need calcium. I normally water all my phrag with RO water with constant 50-100ppm of fertilizer. I'm switching it right back to tap water (mine has a lot of calcium).
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    Phrag. Andean Tears weird discoloration

    For the last 5 months or so (I've had this plant for more than 2 years now), I've been observing weird discoloration of the top leaves of my Phrag kovachii x walisii. The leaves look healthy in morphology but the color is wrong. All my other phrags have a nice healthy green coloration and...
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    Wild terrestrial Peruvian orchids

    I know Madre de Dios very well too and it is even poorer in orchids than the Tarapoto region. The first one looks like a gesneriaceae and the second one an aroid.
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    Wild terrestrial Peruvian orchids

    I can confirm therse are not orchids. I've saw these plants numerous time as I work in the San Martin Department forest and none have characteristics of orchids in both flowers and leaf venation. The forests around Tarapoto are not very rich in orchids unless you go on the ridges of the...
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    Phragmipedium besseae 'Peru 1988'

    Yes these plants are collected for a quick buck. The only known population of Kovachii is from a National Park and yet a few hundreds (4-500) plants are collected each year from there and sold for 10-40 Nuevo Soles. In Peru their is a big domestic orchid traffic and the problem with Kovachii is...
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    Phragmipedium besseae 'Peru 1988'

    These plants are indeed very rare at the type locality. All the plants have been collected for a quick buck by campesinos and populations have never regenareted. I've been working in the mountains of the type locality for the last 4 years and I only found 2 small populations of around 10 plants...
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    hurray! I won the battle against mealie bugs

    Hi Smartie, I would really be interested in knowing where it can be found in Canada. Math
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    Phragmipedium Jason Fischer

    Exquis!!!! These red Phrag are fabulous. As always, incredible breeding JP. Math
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    I would be interested in knowing too. All the best Math
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    Need photos of William Trelease and Michael lawless?

    Hi everyone, I was reading a price list when I found these two rarely seen hybrids: Paph. Memoria Michael Lawless(philippinense x randsii) Paph. William Trelease (rothschildianum x parishii) I was curious to see pictures of these plants but I wasn't able to found any. Would some of you have...
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    Oberhausens Rubin?
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    I first get a hybrid Am / Aos

    Amazing, how big are the flowers? and which parents have you used?