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    Mexipedium xerophyticum

    Congratulations these are great little Phrags I grow mine in Brisbane Australia without any problems.
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    The Sorcerer and me!

    thats a nice thing,the only problem i find is carting these to meetings!!but saying that, it is worth the effort.
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    Phragmipedium Cahaba Phyllis Bailey (wallisii x Super Rubies)

    Great flower! shame the dorsel is a bit off centre. Tony.
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    3 more Phrag. kovachii's!

    The Phrag Man. Well done, fantastic blooms if mine turn as well as these I'll be one happy orchid grower.
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    Phrag Mont Fallu

    Phrag Mont Fallu (longifolium x Grande) The plant has been in flower since the first week in December and still going strong. To me it's big, it's bold and it's beautiful - okay so I'm biased!
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    Phrag. kovachii 'Morobamba'

    Great flower, how old is an average kovachii before flowering for the first time.?
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    Phrag. Don Wimber Barbara Ann' (better picture)

    Fantastic display, I have never seen one better.
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    Well done Jim, hope it will still be out next Tue night.
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    Phrag. Caroline Miller Ott

    Hi All, Thought I would share with you this Phrag that I have open at the moment Phrag Caroline Miller Ott (vittatum x Eric Young), it is very similar to Noirmont. This is my first attempt at posting a photograph so fingers crossed it works!!
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    Tall and beautiful!

    Well done Bob,fantastic display.
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    Phragmipedium Culture Sheet

    Hi Heather all looks good ,I live in Brisbane Australia and have all my Phrags standing in a shallow dish of water during the summer months they seem to love it,could be worth considering for people in warm climates.
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    Yellowing leaves on a Phrag. schlimii

    First thing I would do is cut the old growth and the spike off , give it more water increase the shade and cut back on the fertiliser. I grow mine under 2 layers of 75% green knitted shade cloth and they grow well and flower each year. How ever I live in Brisbane Australia so the weather has...
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    The Phrag Man

    I am Brisbane Queensland and some of my favorites are PHRAGS-Mont Fallu-Court Jester-Fliquet-Devil Fire-Don Wimber-Giganteum-Red Sky-Paul Eugene Conroy-Wossner Supergrande-Noirmont-Sunset Glow-Caroline Miller Ott. Species-caudatum-lindleyanum-longifolium-pearcei-schlimii- besseae...
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    The Phrag Man

    Thankyou .